What are the effects of sleeping with your makeup on? Find out!

Sleeping with your makeup on

Though we try our best to always wash our faces before bed, there are times when we slip, favoring sleep over spending an extra couple of minutes wiping our makeup off.

Sure, we try to justify this with various excuses: a long day at work; a particularly exhausting night on the town. But this can turn into a harmful habit that, when not kept in check, could cause serious long-term damage to our skin.

So what exactly are the effects of sleeping with your makeup on

Inflammation or Styes

Eye makeup such as shadows and liners, in particular, can clog up your oil glands and hair follicles stimulating bacteria growth.


The risk of corneal abrasions and redness are also heightened because eye makeup particles tend to irritate the eye.

Thinning of eyelashes

Mascara, when left on overnight, can pull out some of your eyelashes while you sleep!


Sleeping with your foundation, especially if it’s oil-based, can lead to a severe acne breakout.

Clogged pores and blackheads

Surprisingly, the biggest culprits of this harmful effect are lip products.

While you sleep, smeared lipstick (or lip gloss) may transfer onto other parts of your face, clogging up your pores.

Uneven skin tone

Some concealers have high SPF content so leaving them on for too long can cause unnecessary tanning of certain parts of your face.


While you sleep, having makeup on doesn’t allow your skin to “breathe”. This robs it of moisture and hydration, leaving it dry and dull.


As you go about your day, harmful free radicals from the environment cling to your face. This means that if you sleep in your makeup, your exposure to these free radicals is prolonged.

These slowly break down your skin’s healthy collagen and causes the early formation of wrinkles.

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