Why It Is Important For Children To Learn Basic Computer And Coding Skills

Why It Is Important For Children To Learn Basic Computer And Coding Skills

Computer science is one of the fastest-growing fields around the world. This is one of the biggest reasons why companies like Microsoft are giving young people the opportunity to learn computer science through initiatives like Hour of Code.

Technology has taken over the world and now in many activities one involves themselves, you realize that technology has to come into play. With technology, many things have been made simpler and easy. Around you, be it at home or your workplace you realize that a good number of things that you are using tend to have a technological component.

Kenya is one of the countries working hard to see that kids are introduced to computer learning at a very tender age. Empowering kids with computer skills at a tender age gives them an upper hand in classwork as they are able to grasp concepts easily due to the fact that their minds have been challenged with things other kids of their level are doing.

Other than coding becoming a necessary skill, it will also give your child a chance to be well paid in the future and also to do some of the more interesting and challenging tasks out there.

So why is it important for our children to learn basic computer skills and coding? I got some great points in this article by Forbes.

Problem-solving ability

One of the benefits of children learning computer skills and coding is that it helps them to be problem solvers. Critical thinking skills can be developed out of teaching your kids basic computer skills and coding. Computer skills teach your kids how to solve issues by looking at the bigger picture, and then develop ways of how to break them down into smaller and more manageable tasks.

Coding helps the kids to be in a position to relate issues with what they have learned directly to their environment. Out of the acquired skills, kids can analyze different situations and be able to come up with solutions not just at their age but also when they grow up.

Better and faster learning for kids

Another important aspect of teaching your kids coding and computer skills at a tender age is that it helps them learn and grasp concepts in class faster. Kids find it easy to learn new concepts and with the help of computer skills kids can boost their ability to learn new things.

Kids who have been exposed to computers at a tender age always have an advantage over those who were introduced to computers while they are adults. Through the use of kids programs, they are challenged to be creative and try to act according to the things they learned through the computer classes.

To be able to operate Electronic devices at home

The world has changed so much and nowadays many households own devices that relate to a computer or even the computer itself. With easy access to smartphones and laptops, kids need to learn how to operate these devices while at home. Gone are the days when parents used to deny their kids access to the computer and other technological products. When kids have computer skills they can visit educational sites on the internet and be able to learn while at home.

Through the tutorials that are available on the internet, kids are able to learn lots of things but this is only possible if they have computer skills. Kids also need to learn how to code because computers and connected devices are all over and they are what will shape their world as they grow up.

Storytelling Ability

To be a good storyteller one must follow a certain order in terms of narration. When it comes to coding, the same sequence still remains as one needs to know, what to write and why things follow a certain order. Most programming languages designed for kids usually use games to teach them how to code, and this requires them to follow a storyline or sequence as they play and code, and this is made possible if the kids have computer skills.

Computer games that kids use to learn or to code always have a storyline that ties them together; this enables kids to be creative and great storytellers.

Better ratings on the job market when they grow up

In this 21st century, there is almost no job that exists that does not use some type of computer technology, and therefore it is advisable to ensure our kids have computer skills. According to research conducted by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the Computer and Information Technology field are projected to grow by 12 percent and account for 4.4 million jobs by 2024, which is a faster growth rate than average.

Enhancing creativity

Another benefit of introducing computer skills to kids early is that it helps in building their confidence and creativity. This helps children to think outside the box and be in a position to come up with new solutions.

Coding is an empowering skill on its own and very fun for the kids to tag along with while learning. Out of coding, kids can be able to relate with Apps created by other kids and be in a position to modify them to fit their preferences.

The great minds in technology were exposed to computers at a very tender age and they learned how to be creative at an early age. This enabled them to come up with awesome innovative ideas that translated into products we use now.
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