Why you must nurture and support your child's dream

Why you must nurture and support your child's dream

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman

Even before a little bundle of joy enters our lives, we indulge in our dreams. We aspire to be wonderful parents, fantasize about the great times we will have looking at the wonderful world through the eyes of a child; we imagine the millions of activities and games that we will participate in with our children. What we must not forget, however, is that our children come with unique personalities. And their own dreams!


While most of us put a lot of thought into the certified organic baby massage oil and the healthy foods that our children consume, we do not accord the same importance to their dreams. Psychologists believe that childhood is the time when the imagination is fertile and nothing quite seems impossible. It is just the right time to direct our focus on encouraging our children to pursue their dreams, ambitions, and passions.


Your child may indulge in many activities. They may play a sport, be passionate about playing the piano, and have a definite affinity for colors. While they may have many fun hobbies or interests, it is up to you to spot their natural talent and encourage them to hone their skills. Your child may strike poses in front of the mirror, or maybe good at bowling, or could draw and sketch beautifully. You may want your child to enroll in professional classes and improve these skills.


It is important to teach your child to go from dreams to goals. Encourage your child to set milestones and achieve them. This will inspire confidence and teach them to dream bigger and focus more. If your child is interested in arts, encourage him or her to send their finest works to publications such as magazines or newspapers. Encourage your child to participate in school fetes and community programs. Applause and success are great motivators but also teach your child to learn from failures and try harder.


Ask a child what they want to pick for a career and watch the answer change every few weeks or months. Children are not necessarily fickle but their active imaginations are prone to flights of fantasy. Keep them well-grounded but always remain flexible and encouraging. Having said this, it is important to go with the flow and present them with numerous options. Remind them that times are changing and it’s okay to change hobbies and even careers. What is most important is that they pursue their dreams and do what makes them truly happy.


Being an aggressive, pushy parent can damage your child’s self-esteem beyond repair. Connect with people who could be positive influences in your child’s life. Teach them life lessons and tell them tales of brave, courageous people who have overcome insurmountable odds to live the life of their dreams. Let your child grow independent but also know that they can always bank on you.

The goal of good parenting is to raise individuals who shall be exemplary human beings and ideal citizens. Teach your children to nurture dreams which shall benefit society and mankind. “The race is long and in the end, it is only with yourself”, as the song goes. From being an infant needing a certified organic baby wash to being an adult needing financial counsel, your child needs your encouragement and appreciation every step of the way. Cherish them, nurture their dreams, and watch them bloom into happy, healthy, well-accomplished individuals.
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