7 Effective Exercises That Will Make Your Vagina Tighter

7 Effective Exercises That Will Make Your Vagina Tighter

Women are willing to hit the gym without skipping a beat for perfect abs or a toned butt, but only a few take care of their pelvic floor. This is kind of sad, considering how fun it can be. Not to mention, better orgasms.

Various factors such as childbirth, sexual life, and menopause can take a toll on her intimate health. With such factors in play, the vagina may lose its elasticity and feel less tight (as it used to be). A female may also experience urinary leakage, sexual problems like loss of sensitivity or orgasms, and sex might be not as good as it used to be. Well, you cannot turn the wheels and walk past these natural bodily and vaginal changes. But you sure can do your part to strengthen your vagina and make it tighter.

Yes! Vaginal exercises are actually beneficial. But, it would take quite some time for you to benefit from the results of these exercises. Most women fail to maintain consistency due to busy schedules, personal life or they just get impatient as the results take really long to show up! Well, there is an easier way out. A female of any age can undergo surgical or cosmetic procedures to tighten her vagina. With the vaginal tightening procedures, the female can get relief from urinary leakage, looseness in the vagina, and loss of sexual pleasure.

Exercises to tighten the vagina

Like all muscles in your body, vaginal muscles require regular exercise to stay in top shape. A few really helpful vagina muscle tightening exercises are –

1. Kegels

One of the most famous vaginal muscle tightening exercises, it might surprise you to know, is also a treatment for incontinence.

A Kegel is basically relaxing and tightening the muscles that regulate urine flow.
  • To do an effective Kegel exercise, ensure the bladder is empty. Lie down or sit comfortably.
  • Tighten your vaginal muscles for about 8 seconds
  • Relax for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat for 10 rounds

Repeat this exercise twice or thrice at different times of the day. Ensure you don’t overdo it or it could cause the vagina to tighten too much, causing pain during intercourse.

Do not attempt these exercises when you are urinating. That can weaken your vaginal muscles and cause damage to the kidneys over time.

2. Squats

Squats are great compound exercises, not only for vaginal muscle tightening but also for core muscles, buttocks, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

The motion in this oft-used gym exercise works just as a Kegel exercise does.
  • To practice squats effectively, stand with your feet in line with your shoulders.
  • Then lower yourself, until your butt is at level with your knees.
  • At that point, push back up with your legs to return to your initial stance.
  • Repeat this for 20 times.

Once you are capable of repeating each set at least 3 times, try adding more weight to lift. Do this every day and you can expect visible results in a few weeks.

3.Vaginal Weightlifting

Vaginal weights can be placed halfway inside the vagina. It involuntarily clenches shut and holds the weight in place. You can also try doing this exercise along with other exercises for better results However, attempt this exercise only with a doctor’s approval.

4. Chinese Balls

These are a pair of balls, joined by a rope, each containing another ball in them. Like a tampon, it is used by inserting it into the vagina. It helps tighten pelvic floor muscles and can also be a source of pleasure. When placed inside, perform Kegel exercises as you normally would.

As a variation, you can also try to expel the balls out of the vagina by relaxing and squeezing the muscles. Chinese balls are also available in a variety of shapes and weights. It is recommended that you begin with lighter balls and move to heavier ones as you progress. However, it is advisable not to use Chinese balls for more than 15 minutes a day.

5. Glute Bridges

Great for vaginal tightening as well as for core muscles and the butt, this exercise is to be practiced while lying on the floor.
  • Lie down on the floor. Raise your knees up and separate them just a little, with your feet still on the ground.
  • Then slowly lift your hips, stressing your pelvic floor (Glutes) at the same time.
  • Lift your entire back with your shoulders resting on the floor. From this view, the body looks like a bridge beginning from the shoulder to your knees.
  • Gently return to your initial posture while keeping the stress on your glutes unchanged.

Do 3-4 sets of 15 glute bridge exercises every day for the best results.

6. Medicine Ball Sit-ups

A slightly more difficult option, this can be used as an exercise for pelvic floor muscles as well as for toning your abs.
  • To do this exercise, sit on the floor with your knees raised and your feet on the floor.
  • Lay on your back in this posture.
  • Slowly, move to sit up while holding the medicine ball in your hands.

Repeat this exercise once or twice a minute. Exercise every day for around 15 minutes to start seeing rapid results.

7. Sexual intercourse

There’s no doubt that orgasms are the ideal Kegel exercises. The vagina contracts and relaxes at intervals of 0.8s during an orgasm. A sure-fire way to tighten your vaginal muscles, this is arguably the most fun as well.

Having orgasms on a regular basis is enough exercise for tightening, in most cases. Having tighter vaginal muscles is great not just for your sex life, but also for your health as well. It helps prevent any urinary incontinence issues. Most importantly, it also boosts your self-confidence and leaves you happy and feeling younger.


A female’s body undergoes enormous changes as a female’s age increases. As the estrogen levels fall, many females experience vaginal looseness, painful sex, urinary leakage, pain while urinating, vaginal itching, dryness, or discomforts during and after pregnancy. 

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