8 Things to Expect When the Second Baby Comes Home

Mother, toddler and a new born

The love and care you have for your children are priceless. There is, however, something magical about having your first child. Then before you know it, another soldier joins the army. Every child is different in their own way, but there are still some standard things that parents need to prepare for when baby number two arrives:

1. You can’t be super mum or super-dad

It’s okay to want to be the best parent when you have just one child at home when you bring home a second child, and there is a younger toddler at home, chances are you will be grasping at straws most of the time. Most toddlers sense that their space is about to be compromised, then they notice this small individual who takes all of the mummy's attention, even when they are crying too. Not to worry so much, as the fussiness usually transcends into love for their younger ones.

2. Everything might not be so special

There is always something special about first-born children. You are extra careful, you are in awe of every milestone, every laugh, every adorable baby sound, you even make daddy wash his hands anytime he wants to carry the baby. All of that magical feeling goes away with baby number two. All children are special and there is no doubt you love every child equally. Then again you are more of a pro at these things, you know what to expect at every milestone, it's not a surprise anymore.

3. It gets easier with time

An additional mouth to feed, additional screaming voice or messy hands to clean, for a while will take its toll on both mummy and daddy. The thing to remember is that it gets easier over time. They grow up quite faster than you think and funny enough, you might end up missing these times.

4. Taking time for yourself and partner is crucial

With all the baby diapers and talk going on around you guys, you want to be careful to not lose the spark in your marriage. Therefore, finding a special day or time to just spend time with your partner is very important. Have a trusted family member or relative watch your kids and then reconnect with your husband or wife by just spending quality time with each other.

5. All children are different

You will get to experience first hand, that all children are different. Your first might turn out to be your most needy child, while your second is pretty tough. Which might be a funny turn of events. It applies to other areas of their lives, every child is unique and special in their own little ways, be careful to realize and notice this.

6. Nap schedules are essential

The goal is to get the two kids to sleep every day. You wouldn’t want your baby sleeping, with a toddler hovering around your leg, you might never be able to get any work done. Strive to cultivate a sleeping habit that will accommodate both babies.

7. Toddlers don’t know how fragile newborns are

You will always want to have an eye around your toddler when they are playing with the baby. They might just think it's a bigger doll and pull on an arm, or a leg, who knows, even try to get their hands into their tiny little nose. Don’t leave them unsupervised

8. You can’t do it all

You will also realize with time that you aren’t as bad-ass as you thought. It is okay to admit that you need the extra help. In the end, it will help you to get more done faster. Ask for help, and accept it.

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