Benefits of Multiple Monitors When Coding

Benefits of Multiple Monitors When Coding

If you’re still using only one monitor, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about using dual screens. That’s what I thought until I made the switch just a few weeks ago. Like many people, my workday is spent in front of a computer. I’m either writing about technology or writing HTML code, both of which require looking at a ton of different windows. At any given moment I could have 8 or more windows open displaying technical specs, reviews, articles, email, spreadsheets, and HTML code. Before I switched to using multiple monitors I think I used the alt and tab keys more than any other key on my keyboard. Now I can have all of the pages I’m using at the same time, making it much easier and faster to do everything I need to do.

Benefits of Dual Monitors while Programming

There are many advantages of Dual Monitors for programming. Although it seems like there are virtually unlimited advantages and applications of the multiple monitor setup, some of these advantages are as follows.

Enhanced Productivity

There are many studies that showed that working with dual monitors increases the overall productivity of the individual by 20-50%. Like computer programmers can take advantage of using more than one screen for source coding. They don’t have to toggle back and forth between tabs by using dual monitors while programming and using dual monitors while programming reduces the error and free up the time to complete more projects.

Dual Monitors mean Double Work Done.

Of course, when a programmer has a dual monitor, he can get double work done in a short time. Like he can use the main monitor for the coding while the other monitor can be used for other purposes. This dual-monitor setup will maximize the programmer’s productivity and will improve productivity. More productivity means less time spent on one task in software development and as we know, time is money, so what’s better than that?

No More Switching into Programs

Having two monitors side by side makes you able to see multiple programs together. For instance, when you have to do programming, it becomes super difficult to switch between applications and programs in order to look at different information.

What else can be better than having an entire screen dedicated to a specific application? You will be able to use references and critical information from various applications with lesser errors. Alt+Tab is for old-school people because professional programmers know how to save their time and effort by using multiple screens and not multiple tabs.

This would also make it super easier for you to drag images from one screen to another in order to edit or Photoshop them without having to turn off your program completely!

Better Attention

It is difficult to switch between the IDE, browser for debugging or search for information, documentation, communication program, and much more if the programmer uses one monitor. Even advanced programs like using tiling windows manager, such as i3, xmonad, or awesome, are difficult to use on a single monitor. These programs are not easy to use and even reduce the productivity of a programmer if they can’t adapt to them. So, for better attention, it is always useful to use more than one monitor while programming.

Give Cool Vibes

Yes, this is one of the most important reasons why most of the programmers use multiple screens while programming. The dual-screen looks cool. The most ideal and useful setup would be a large 4K monitor with one or two smaller monitors on the side for the work. Most of the programmers use multiple monitors just because it looks good.

Simple To Use

Using dual monitors comes with a lot of benefits. One can use them on any modern computer, even on laptops. Although, it takes a computer technician to initially configure the monitors, using them is relatively easy. And if you are using them continuously, it just takes seconds to get familiar with them. Settings for multiple monitors are located with the same controls as the individual monitor, requiring no extra software.

Using the dual monitors while programming is as simple as dragging the application and program from one screen to another. Windows make the use of them much easier as it even remembers which monitor you last used to open a particular program. Like if you open and drag your email program to your left monitor, the next time that program is opened it defaults to that monitor.

And Something Else – Brand New Gaming Experience

Well, for the new gamers, what’s better than a great gaming session? Working hard means that gamers get to play hard. A relaxing gaming session is a perfect treat for gamers when it is done on dual monitors. They can see enemies from far away, anticipate their actions, plan their retaliation, and attack with the greater screen space. 


There is no doubt that dual monitors benefit almost every industry because of the enhanced visibility, larger screen space, and something that everyone wants, getting a little nap behind them without getting caught! Using dual monitors while programming enhances the productivity of the programmers. So, they are many reasons and benefits why you need to buy a dual monitor while programming. Many dual monitor setups are available at reasonable prices, but buying a nice dual monitor is just like investing. Invest in a good thing, it will save your time, and we repeat again, saving timing is like making more money! $ads={2}
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