How to get your google AdSense verification pin in Kenya

How to get your google AdSense verification pin in Kenya

Receiving your AdSense verification pin can sometimes become complicated for first-timers. If you’re here then you’ve probably reached a stage where your YouTube channel has started making money through monetization. Or maybe you’re about to start monetization and you are curious about the whole process.

Once you start seeing earnings on your YouTube dashboard you won’t be able to withdraw a single cent until you verify your AdSense account.

In order to verify your account, you will need to input an AdSense verification pin that will be mailed physically to your address. If you don’t have a Kenyan address then you can open a PO Box with Postal Corporation of Kenya.

YouTube are very strict with their monetization. That’s why you can’t verify your AdSense account through the usual email method or through your phone number. This means you have to put your real address otherwise you won’t receive the AdSense verification pin.

The address in this case is the one you used when registering your AdSense account.

The letter containing your verification pin takes 2-4 weeks to arrive depending on where you live. For Kenyans in this case, this duration is about one month. If you don’t receive your pin within this time frame, then you can request for a new one to be sent. The link to request a new pin will appear in your AdSense account about 4 weeks after the last pin was issued.

You will have three chances to request your AdSense verification pin. Once you do this three times with no luck, then other ways to verify your account will appear.

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