Planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do at home. See why!

Planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do at home. See why!

Planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do at home. They don’t take much time and effort, and you won’t have to wait long for tangible results.

They push your body to the limit and you can do them anywhere... What's not to like?

Here's how you perform a normal plan. Lie down on the ground on your stomach; then support your body weight on your elbows and toes while keeping your back straight, and hold on to this position. Phew! Planks really are challenging. But on the positive side, planks are the best way to come in shape without the need for equipment or a trainer to guide you. This core exercise mainly focuses on strengthening your entire body. But there's a catch; planks should be practiced for longer stretches to get maximum benefits from this workout.

Still not convinced, aren't you? We'll give you 7 solid reasons to practice planks every day. Keep reading:

#1 - Improved Posture and Reduced Back Pain.

Next time you are at work, do a posture check about halfway through your day. Slouched over? Does your back hurt?

If this is you, then listen up.

Planks provide improved posture because it helps stretch muscles that are dormant while sitting, and relaxing muscles that are constantly under tension.

Planks enhance the health of your back as a whole, ultimately inhibiting certain types of back pain and strengthening your spine.

Once your posture is improved, it helps align the vertebrae which will take unnecessary stress off of that region. Since the muscles around your spine are strengthening, your ligaments and vertebrae get into line and prevent painful conditions in your back.

#2 - More Confidence

Who doesn't want more confidence?

Being able to conquer such an overwhelming exercise such as holding the plank for 60 seconds gives you confidence and morale boost when you complete it.

Along with the confidence, you gain from doing them, your body will thank you with a better posture without pain. Practicing power stances such as taking up more space and putting your hands on hips has been shown to increase testosterone levels in your body.

Being able to complete something that seems impossible like a 60-second plank builds confidence in all parts of your life, especially in the gym.

#3 - Improved Balance

Your balance is something that can be improved. If you're like me and stumble over everything, planks will help.

Many of your smaller muscles in your body help improve your balance. Each small adjustment is a muscle or group of muscles working to keep you upright. Working these muscles with some planks will yield stronger muscles that can endure more tension for longer periods of time.

Plank variations such as side planks are nearly impossible at the beginning but become easier over time.

#4 - Burned Calories

Planks burn a literal crap-ton of calories. If you've never tried planks and had a rainstorm of sweat dripping off of your face before, you have to try it.

Planks are an exercise you can do literally anywhere and burn calories while you do it. The added muscle mass from doing planks also helps boost your metabolism and helps you keep that furnace burning fat off.

Your overall athleticism will improve, so playing sports with your kids or friends will be something you actually want to do now.

#5 - Muscle Endurance

If you've ever made the mistake of taking stairs up multiple flights and felt like dying, your conditioning and muscle endurance needs some work.

Planks work on muscle endurance because of the static hold you complete; you are holding your body weight in a static position and struggling to do it right.

The stress and strain you are putting on your muscles are conditioning them to be able to have more output and hold their positions for much longer.

Again, this helps with overall athleticism and posture. Two things that make the difference between being a bro and being a whoa.

#6 - Better Than Sit-Ups and Crunches

If you have been putting months into daily sit-ups and crunches, you're wasting your time. The posture you hold when doing crunches and sit-ups exacerbates the problem of sitting forever, weakening your back muscles.

This, along with them being less effective as planks, makes doing them stupid.

If you've never tried planks before, your abs and core will thank you.

#7 - Build Your Meditation Skills

Ever psych yourself out of a big lift because you were nervous?

It happens to all of us.

Being able to have control over your mind is 80% of a lift. If you've been training consistently and putting in the hard work, you can lift it.

We're not talking about ego lifts or anything stupid, but if you keep psyching yourself out of a 315 deadlift because there are 3 wheels per side, it's all in your mind.

Being able to fight through the pain and pushing yourself to complete your planks will give you the mental fortitude needed to lift some big weights.

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