5 Safety Tips for Professional Manicurists

5 Safety Tips for Professional Manicurists

If you are a professional manicurist, then you understand the importance of patience and attention to detail. However, are you aware of the importance of safety on the job? Many people don’t realize that there are health dangers associated with the manicure process, and that manicure safety is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Otherwise, you run the risk of passing warts (human papillomavirus) or fungus to your clients. If you are a professional manicurist, then you owe it to your customers, and to yourself, to take some basic safety precautions in the nail salon. Here are five safety tips for professional manicurists.

Sterilization. Sterilize your manicure instruments properly, and in between customers – for EVERY customer. No exceptions. Also, consider using disposable nail tools in place of the sterilization process. This not only puts your customers’ minds at ease, but it can also save you a certain amount of time and stress over your safety responsibilities.

Skin breaks. It is a good idea to avoid procedures that are not necessary, and that increase your customers’ risk of contracting a viral or bacterial infection. Consider skipping the cuticle pushing and clipping. The cuticle acts as a shield between the world and your nail bed, and the nail bed is very vulnerable to a variety of infecting agents.

Customer accountability. It’s not a bad idea to encourage your customers to purchase their own nail instruments and bring them to the salon. Nail tools are inexpensive, and many salons these days are seeing an increase in clients who prefer to use their own, for safety purposes.

Cleanliness. The salon itself should be as close to sterile as possible. As well, it should be brightly lit enough so that you and your customers can spot necessary clean-ups as soon as possible. Be sure to adhere to a strict cleanliness policy, and to incorporate a thorough daily sterilization of your entire workspace into your routine.

Manicurist hand care. You should always wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before performing a manicure on a client. It is also a good idea to consider wearing gloves, both for your client's safety and your own.

Having a manicure is a luxury – and a luxury that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Many people revel in their weekly half-hour spent in the manicurist’s chair. Do your best to protect their safety, and your reputation, by following these safety tips for professional manicurists.

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