Become Developer Student Clubs Leads: Apply Now!

Become Developer Student Clubs Leads: Apply Now!

A student and passionate about becoming a great technology lead? The Developer Student Clubs program by Google Developers just got announced.

It's designed to help students (enrolled in accredited colleges/universities in Africa) build their mobile and web development skills and knowledge while solving local business problems around their institution.

You are invited to apply for the Developer Student Club (DSC) program from Google Developers.

Google Developer Student Club Leads are passionate leaders at their university who are dedicated to helping their peers learn and connect. These Leads may be pursuing various undergraduate or graduate university degrees but have a good foundational knowledge of software development concepts.

Google collaborates with Leads and supports them as they start and grow their on-campus community.

It is open to any student, ranging from novice (developers who are just starting) to advanced (developers who want to further improve their skills). The intention is for you to learn and collaborate as you solve mobile and web development problems for local businesses in your region.

What does it entail?
  • Set up a Developer Student Club within your institution/campus;
  • Create a Core Team - including faculty advisors, fellow students, and relevant technology experts - to help in planning and execution of peer group readiness-focused activities;
  • Organize and deliver mobile development-focused workshops to fellow students;
  • Enable more students to become trainers and support them in conducting sessions;
  • Identify local organizations who can benefit from mobile solutions, and facilitate solution development activities;
  • Host showcases and other events to highlight the solutions developed by students; and
  • Commit for one year (academic year) to act as a Student Lead.

Benefits of becoming a DSC lead
You will have a wonderful experience as a DSC lead because you will know:
  • How to lead a community: This will help you in developing leadership quality in you and this will help in your interview also because interviewers look for these qualities.
  • Network growth: You will connect with all the DSC leads of your country as well as around the world. So, this will help you in growing your network and learn different things from the leads of a different mindset.
  • Learn new technologies: As a part of DSC, you will come across various training of different technologies by the experts of Google. So, it is going to be a journey of learning.
  • Attend DSC summit: And obviously, you will get a chance to attend the 3-day DSC summit where leads from the country come together to learn how to manage the community and will also participate in various tech talks. 

So, now you are done with the responsibilities and benefits part of the DSC lead. Let's look at how and where to apply for DSC lead.

Who can apply?

A student that is currently enrolled between the 2nd - penultimate year in a computer science course or related engineering discipline at any accredited college/university in Africa.

A community-driven student who is passionate about technology and willing to teach other students.

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