Home remedies to aid your dog’s collapsed trachea

Home remedies to aid your dog’s collapsed trachea

The trachea is the most critical part of the respiratory system since it is responsible for carrying air to the lungs. While the trachea does not cause problems in most dog breeds, some breeds, such as Poodles, Yorkies, and Maltese, are prone to more problems in their respiratory system, due to hereditary defects.

If a dog has a collapsed trachea, you might notice severely loud coughs, inflammation in the trachea, and discharge of mucus. It makes it extremely difficult for dogs to breathe and may cause them to faint due to the lack of oxygen.

While in some breeds, a dog tracheal collapse can occur due to hereditary issues, it could also be caused in other breeds due to excessive weight or prolonged exposure to smoke and dust.

While medication is highly effective, it might have some side effects. Thankfully, however, there is also a natural cure for a dog tracheal collapse prognosis that can prove to be helpful for minor cases.

Unless it is a severe case, the collapsed trachea is not life-threatening but can still cause severe discomfort to your beloved dog.

Here are some natural or home remedies to help ease your pet’s pain.

Losing Weight

Obesity and excess weight is the number one contributing factor to a collapsed trachea. Excess fat puts significant pressure on a dog’s airway.

Losing weight can help get rid of the extra fat in the neck that might obstruct the airway, enabling your dog to breathe easily and lead a healthy life.

Adjusting your dog’s eating position

If you have a big-breed dog, such as a Great Dane or a Mastiff, a collapsed trachea is likely to cause them discomfort while eating from a bowl placed on the floor. It also causes aged dogs significant pain and crimping in the neck area when they try to eat.

In such cases, putting their bowl on a stool or chair reduces the stress on the neck and airway when they swallow. Keep the bowl at a height where their head is even with the shoulders when they eat.

Avoiding over excitement

Panting or heavy breathing may also cause the trachea to collapse. And, when dogs get overly excited about something, they start panting, which could put pressure on their trachea.

So, train your pets to calm down from the start. Whenever they greet you with excitement or start zooming, use a safe word to calm them down. This will take practice and training but will prove effective in the long run.

Reduce pressure on Trachea

If a dog struggles with airway or tracheal issues, using a regular pet collar to walk them might worsen the problem. So, it is best to use a comforting harness that goes around their chest to help you alleviate pressure from their trachea.


It is an excellent natural cure for a collapsing trachea. CBD oil will help alleviate the pain caused by a collapsed trachea. It also controls the inflammation caused by a collapsed trachea and excessive coughing.

Moreover, CBD oils can effectively calm down a nervous or anxious dog dealing with the symptoms of a collapsed trachea.

Natural solutions can effectively help your dog deal with minor symptoms of a collapsed trachea.
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