How to Care and Maintain Coily Hair

How to Care and Maintain Coily Hair

Fun, free, and filled with volume, coily hair can add style and definition for women who love to try out new things–or to go au naturale. And you can ditch the hair spray, because the natural shape will give a ton of volume, without a ton of effort. 

What We Love about Coily Hair

It’s voluminous. 

With coily hair, volume is rarely an issue. Most coily hair types stand on their own and can be styled to perfection–with the right hair products. Coily hair rarely ever needs hairspray at the roots, because the s-shaped and z-shaped patterns do all the work.

It’s stylish. 

There are so many beautiful styles that can be created with coily hair. Whether it’s mini braids, big braids, bantu knots, twists, dreads, au naturale, or an afro, there are infinite ways to style coily hair (and it looks amazing with all of them). And, of course, playing it straight can be fun, too, from time to time. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your curls and coils!

It keeps things cool. 

Coily hair is built to naturally block the sun’s rays from the scalp. This way, the scalp doesn’t overheat during the summer. It also protects the scalp from harmful rays and elements like a natural barrier.



Before each shampoo, it is important to make an oil treatment with two or three vegetable oils without silicone, with complementary properties and according to your choice, depending on what is best for your hair:

-Coconut oil: moisturizing, softening and nourishing

-Grape seed oil: moisturizes and nourishes

- Castor oil: moisturizing, soothing, nourishing and invigorating

-Jojoba oil: softening and nourishing

This step is very important. For the hair to fully absorb the oil, apply the oil on the lengths to the ends. If the hair really needs to hydrate after applying the oil, put a hot towel around your hair for about 15 to 20 minutes.


We always specify in our beauty tips for black women, it is necessary to properly clean the skin without attacking. It's the same for the hair. A good routine starts with a good maintenance of the scalp. It must be cleaned effectively and gently. Sulphate-free shampoos are very effective and non-aggressive. For more softness, you can apply a mask-based rhassoul on your scalp and your lengths, emulsify and rinse.


The disentangling stage is essential, the frizzy hair getting tangled up very quickly. Nourishing hair care can help you there. Just apply it on the lengths and untangle the hair with your fingers or a comb with wide teeth. Always leave points towards the lengths to avoid breakage.


After detangling, a good deep care will be good for the hair. Choose your mask according to the needs of your hair (nourishing or protein for example). The nourishing hair care is excellent used alone. You can personalize it with an egg to make a protein treatment or simply with vegetable oils for ultra-nourishing care.

We do not skip the hydration and nutrition step after rinsing the mask using the LOC (liquid, cream, oil) method. Depending on the needs of your hair, you can renew this method every day, every three days ...

How to Maintain Coily Hair

It’s all about the products. 

Coily hair is typically more fragile than curly hair, wavy hair, and straight hair because it has fewer cuticle layers. So, straightening it is not usually the best way to go. But the right hair care products will do wonders. When deep-conditioned, hydrated, and gently treated to perfection, coily hair looks its best.

Style it up. 

Coily hair may be prone to shrinkage, but there are several styles that can lengthen the look of the hair. Small braids, dreads, and even a smoothing treatment can combat shrinkage and give the hair length.

Just know the routine. 

At the end of the day, coily hair just needs to be hydrated and kept well. Keep shea butter, thick oils like almond, argan, and olive oil on hand for deep treatments, and sleep with a silk pillow, bonnet or scarf (this will keep the hair from getting tangled) to keep coily hair naturally gorgeous.
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