The economy has gone through a particularly difficult time recently and how each and every one of us responds will determine just how quickly we rebound (or don’t). Money is tight for the average person, but there’s not always an opportunity to make extra money…or is there? With a bit of thought, you might actually come up with a few ways to make extra income. Now is the time for each and every global community member to be innovative in their money-making endeavors!

Everyone wants to make extra money, but the big question begging to be answered is, if there are ways to make money while relaxing or having fun? The simple answer is yes! You might think that making money while having fun or simply kicking back is surely taking the Mickey, but it is actually not! The reality is that passive income is not a myth and believe it or not, there are several ways that you can make money online without having to do very much at all. Today you are about to learn how.

Ways To Earn Money Online Without Breaking A Sweat

What if you were told that hundreds, if not thousands, of people, have found innovative ways to make money while doing things that help them relax and unwind? You would undoubtedly want to get in on that very same action, wouldn’t you? Of course, you don’t want to get involved in spending large sums of money or put yourself at excessive risk, so you need to pick your income-making risks and opportunities wisely. 

Create An Awesome Blog

Blogging has been at the forefront of earning money online, and it has been here for quite some time. Although it takes time for the money to kick in, it is sure as hell rewarding when people have started noticing your website.

When creating your blog, you must choose a topic that you really are interested in. It can be a hobby that you already have, for example: create a blog about the current fashion trends in Hollywood or otherwise. Or if you love your little furry friend, why not make a blog about dogs?

Blogging requires time and dedication. Once you got the hang of it and you post continuously, you will be able to build your readership along the way. Marketers will notice that your site is racking up in traffic and they would want to place an ad on your blog. This way, you can charge them for either a website banner or a sponsored post. Here is a tip though: blogging can be addictive, but the money you will be able to earn from it is going to be huge.

Do Online Surveys

If you do not plan to spend a lot of time freelancing for online work, then perhaps doing online surveys is for you. A huge number of sites offer money in return for your answers to their surveys and questionnaire. This way companies, or their clients, can hear valuable feedback from consumers in order for them to do better in the future.


Dropshipping is a great way to rake in profits without having to do any of the work. What could be more relaxing and rewarding than that, right? Dropshipping is a type of online selling that has simply exploded. It works much the same as Amazon, except you won’t ever have to carry any of the stock yourself. It will involve building your own online portal or social media storefront where customers can place orders. The stock is warehoused, invoiced for, packaged, and sent off via a third party (the drop shipper). You take on none of the overheads and only stand to profit.


If you have ever gambled online, you will know just how relaxing and fun it can be. Whether you win or lose, the exhilaration is palpable. Of course, you have to be careful as to where you choose to spend your time and money gambling online. Play these slot sites and you will have the opportunity to have fun, unwind, and potentially make some sideline cash too.

Auction Your Stuff On eBay

For sure, there are things inside your room that you no longer use but you could not find the courage or perhaps time to get rid of them? At this time and age, selling stuff online is already an acceptable way for you to get rid of stuff you no longer use while earning. It can be an old phone that is still in good condition, a desk lamp, or even a shirt from a Nirvana concert years ago. Things like that shirt have a sentimental value due to their antiquity. You can bet that a lot of people will bid on it and you can just sit and watch them compete for it by outbidding others. The price will go up and all you have to do is watch.

Be A Freelance Writer

Many websites would pay for your article. If you have a knack for writing stuff out of thin air, then freelance writing may be for you. What a freelance writer does is you would have to write an article based on your client’s needs and specifications. It can be anything under the sun, from guides to make your own sushi to more complex than binary options trading. You must be flexible because you never know what your client will ask of you to write. Some websites pay per word, some pay per article. But the more article you turn in, the more money you earn.

Share Your Knowledge

If you are particularly knowledgeable on a topic or skill, you can teach others everything you know and charge for it. Online portals that sell online courses such as Udemy are always looking for new contributors. The more courses you upload to online portals, the more you stand to earn. Udemy has 30 million students worldwide. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of earning potential just waiting for you to tap into it.

Making money does not have to be a grueling experience. It’s a common misconception that every pound is earned through blood, sweat, and tears. In the modern age and with technology at our disposal, anyone can make money while they are relaxing, having fun, or even asleep. If you would like to earn yourself a few extra quid (or a lot extra); now is the time to get to work on the above-mentioned options.

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