Ladies: Bras That Don't Fit Correctly Can Be Unhealthy – Experts Have Warned!

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Millions of women are wearing the wrong size bra, putting their health at risk in the process, experts have warned.

Making sure your bra fits correctly can improve your health. Wearing the wrong size and suffering from the discomfort and pain for a long period of time can cause permanent health issues.

Bad bras can cause bad posture, damaging the muscles in the chest and back. If it doesn’t provide enough support, it can cause pain in the breasts or chafed skin.

Physiotherapists are urging women to check their measurements before they buy and get a sports bra to help prevent discomfort and premature sagging that only surgery can reverse.

Wearing the correct size bra will mean you will look great, be well supported and ward off unnecessary discomfort.

In her lifetime, a woman could wear up to six different bra sizes due to factors such as pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and gravity. Therefore it's important to check your bra size every year and make changes if necessary.


Bra styles and brands vary – when trying on bras, wear them for about five minutes to assess comfort and fit.

Lift your arms up, bend down and jump to see if the bra and breasts stay in place.

If you find spillage over, under or at the sides, you will need to re-assess the cup and/or band size.

Evaluate bounce control and put on your top to see if the bra looks good. Pick fabrics that are comfortable.

☛ Ill-fitting bra straps can pull or press on your trapezius muscles (running along the neck and back), which can cause pain and discomfort.

If you are finding bra straps uncomfortable, placing a shoulder pad under the straps can help evenly distribute the weight of your breasts over the shoulder.

If your bra straps fall down, tighten them or change the bra.

☛ Your bra band should be snug and not too tight – make good use of the hooks available. If you find the band rides up, loosen the straps

☛ Manually position your breasts in the cups to ensure they both sit fully supported and that you are comfortable.

☛ The centerpiece of underwired bras should sit flat against your chest and the wire should rest under your bust. There should be no gaps!

☛ Many department stores offer a professional bra fitting service. Make use of these services to help find the right bra for you.

☛ Seek out a chartered physiotherapist to get a postural assessment.

Taking active steps to make sure you are wearing the right bra for your size and shape, and when you exercise, will help you to look great and maintain good postural health. $ads={2}
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