Massage - Why It Is So Important In Everyday Life (Infographics)

The first tangible evidence of the existence of a massage dates back to 3000 BC. In ancient Chinese literature, there is a massage as a means to maintain good health and the unity of mind and body.

In ancient Greece, the father of modern medicine - Hippocrates used rubbing in the therapy of various diseases. Hippocrates already used massage in the direction of the heart, which is the rule in most methods of massage to this day.

In the nineteenth century Sweden, a study entitled "Swedish gymnastics" was created, one of which was a section devoted to therapeutic massage. The book "Swedish gymnastics" whose main author was the doctor Per Henrik Ling initiated the development of Swedish massage.

In massage specific grips, procedures and indications were determined. The method evolved providing the foundation for modern massage techniques such as classic massage, lymphatic drainage, facial massage, and even chiropractic.

Advantages of massage

Rest and relaxation is a very important element of our everyday life. Through life in a constant run, excess work and duties can seriously damage our health. One of the ways to deeply relax is massage. Get to know its benefits and decide to visit a physiotherapist! 

People think about massage as a way to heal the body, but its benefits begin in the mind. The body sends a signal to the brain and nervous system that it is ready to relax. Then the central control systems transmit this message to the muscles and other parts of the body, creating the effect of relaxation.

First of all, we will reduce the stress level, we will be more positive towards life, relaxed and full of energy. After each massage, new vital forces will enter you! This is an ideal treatment for overworked and overworked people who struggle with insomnia. Positively also affects health and fitness - heals pain, eliminates muscle tension, speeds up metabolism.

In addition, the massage also greatly affects the body - firms the skin, improves its elasticity and color. It improves blood and lymph circulation, thanks to which it reduces the amount of cellulite. It is recommended for slimming people because it accelerates fat burning and shapes the figure.

Naturally, it is important to move, frequent specialist controls and the habit of taking the correct posture, but also massages that act prophylactically, but also limit and even reduce pain in the case of serious illnesses are very helpful.

Massage of the spine, or more precisely - peri-basilar muscles, is aimed at restoring the proper tension of these muscles and thus maintaining the spine in the right position and preventing its curvature.

● It reduces pain: spine, headache, menstrual pain.

● A beneficial effect on the skeletal system: flexibility of the joints, maintaining proper joint mobility, faster regeneration after exercise, better nutrition and oxygenation of joints, counteracting injuries.

● Nourishes and oxygenates muscles, increases their flexibility.

● It affects the acceleration of blood and lymph circulation, stimulation of inactive capillaries, anticoagulant activity, support in the excretion of defective metabolism products, better nutrition, and oxygenation of tissues.

● It affects firmness and elasticity of the skin, removal of the dead layer of the epidermis, better blood supply and nourishment of the skin, opening of the mouth of sweat and sebaceous glands, breakdown of adipose tissue. Moksa also treats some skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and eczema.

● It accelerates the circulation of blood in the blood vessels and increases the amount of blood delivered to the lungs. Under the influence of massage, the functioning of the respiratory system improves.

● It regulates the work of the immune system.

● It regulates the digestive system.

● It affects the treatment of allergies, in which acupressure plays a significant role.

● It helps in depression and mental problems. Acupressure is used to treat neuroses, moksa cures neurasthenia, and insomnia. Thanks to massages, the patient gains vitality and a willingness to live.

● It is worth using this old, proven, and effective method of health support and body immunity.

● removes dead skin (acts as a peeling, makes the skin smoother)

● removes dead skin (acts as a peeling, makes the skin smoother)

● increases the elasticity of the skin, muscles, and ligaments (they become more resistant to injuries)

● increases the body's resistance

● accelerates the absorption of all exudates and edema.

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