As Arsenal fans, we endure our fair share of ups and downs. Like any team, supporting Arsenal induces all sorts of emotions throughout the course of a season let alone throughout the years, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! I think I speak for all Gooners when I simply say I could not imagine life without Arsenal. Enduring international breaks are hard enough, let alone during the off-season, as anytime not spent watching Arsenal becomes an insufferable chore.

We are proud to support Arsenal. Throughout all the hardships, and the highs and lows, and the disappointments, as well, of course, the glory and success. It all comes with the territory, and we could not think of a bunch of lads we would rather support. I could write a book about the joys of being an Arsenal supporter, but for now, I will get into my top five reasons. These reasons are some that we Gooners can all relate to, but feel free to leave a comment sharing your top reasons.

Not that we need a reason to support the mighty red and white!

Expansive football

Forget about that Spanish lot, Arsenal plays the best tiki-taka on the planet. Absolutely superlative passing and movement, Arsenal attack with enough style and flair to rip apart anyone on their day. When Arsenal is at their best, nobody in the world is better at playing expansive, attractive, attacking football; our lads set the standard.

Proud and Glorious History

Arsenal’s past is as glorious as they come. One of the most successful and illustrious clubs in football history, there is a certain pride that comes with being a supporter. The only club to go a whole season undefeated, the first English club to beat Real Madrid at the Bernabeu, AC Milan at the San Siro, and Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena, and tied for the most FA Cups in English football history. The list goes on, it doesn’t get any bigger than Arsenal.


In modern days, Arsenal has often found themselves the underdog, constantly underrated and unfavoured by the media. Every time it is backed against the wall time for Arsenal, our lads deliver, and we couldn’t be more proud. They said we wouldn’t make the Champions League, we’ve proved them wrong 18 seasons in a row and counting. They say we’d never break our trophy drought – we win two trophies in the course of a calendar year (the Community Shield counts). They can count us out all they want, we aren’t going anywhere.

Always a class act – no scandals

Arsenal has always remained a highly respected organization, not just for football, but for the club’s presence in the community as well. The charity and outreach efforts of the club have been phenomenal and the club has been a real model for others. On the field, Arsenal is one of the seemingly few clubs to never get embroiled with any scandals. No history of match-fixing, or incidents involving racist supporters. Spurs fans will argue that Arsenal should never have been promoted (due to a dodgy voting procedure) but never mind them, the club was powerless in that situation. Let it go already, Tottenham fans!

Best league in the world

Never mind the Champions League mishaps, the Premier League is the best league in the world. We are fortunate to support a team that competes in the most enthralling and intensely entertaining competition on the planet. Every match is a cup final in England, there is absolutely nothing like it. Could you imagine supporting the one good side in a league full of average and poor teams? (I’m looking at you Bayern Munich).
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