Strong Alumni Network is Important. See Why!

Strong Alumni Network is Important. See Why!
An alumni network is a network of former students who studied at the same educational institution. Alumni can build business connections, organize reunions and show support for their former school through their network.

Alumni networks are also very useful for students who want to stay connected to their school and former classmates, sharing what’s going on in their lives and finding out what their peers are up to. School is about more than gaining an education; leaving it all behind after graduation could be a mistake. Support networks like this can be hugely beneficial to students, as alumni are given the opportunity to stay in contact and continue to learn from each other long after they leave school. Alumni networks can lead to job openings, social opportunities and can act as a support network for former students.

While there are many benefits for graduates, schools can also benefit from a strong alumni network. Nord Anglia Education has 73 international schools in 30 different countries, all equipped to give students the best preparation for their future studies and career. Each school has its own engaged, supportive alumni network. In this article, we will discuss the value of having a strong alumni network and how it can be crucial to both a student’s and an institution’s success.

Supporting current students

Alumni have a special connection with their former school and are likely to be supportive when it comes to educating current students. They can visit the school in person or virtually to speak to students about their experiences and help them stay motivated and prepare for life after graduation. Students who attend schools with a strong alumni network will have a network of successful connections to call upon if they need support through their studies or when it comes to making decisions on their future after graduation.

Sharing expertise

Successful alumni will have built a wealth of experience and skills since they left school, going on to work in a number of different sectors. Alumni share expertise in a school’s newsletter, on the website, or in talks, and students and parents can benefit from this important information. Alumni can inspire students to pursue their interests, seek out work placements, and help launch their careers.

International value

Alumni inspire students to work in different countries around the world. Receiving support from someone who has lived or worked in a particular country can give children the confidence they need to pursue an exciting opportunity. Alumni also act as international ambassadors for their school, recommending it to students in the country where they work. This helps the institution attract prospective students who are looking to study overseas, providing a diverse, international learning environment where students can learn about different cultures and forge important connections.

Career support

Former students in a school’s alumni network can offer career support to their current students through innovative schemes. Working with alumni who have graduated and spent some time working in their chosen field can help students gain experience and give them a competitive edge that will help them be successful in competitive job markets. They can gain this experience through work shadowing, networking, or simply getting in touch with alumni for advice. This is a reason why alumni relations are important because the more graduates a school has connections with, the more experience they have to call upon for their current students.

Fundraising support

Having a strong alumni network can be of financial importance too. The dedication and gratitude alumni have for schools and universities can lead to them being more generous when it comes to fundraising. Financial donations help institutions offer scholarships and bursaries to talented students who may not be able to pay for tuition, and having a strong alumni network can help make this possible.

Looking for a school with a strong alumni network should be a priority for parents. Supportive networks are hard to come by and having a place where students can stay connected with alumni and learn from their personal experiences can help them find success in school and after graduation.
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