How To Make Money Via WhatsApp in Kenya

How To Make Money Via WhatsApp in Kenya

I have been receiving at least 3 emails every week from people asking to know how to make money via WhatsApp.

At first, I thought they were joking, but as more and more kept asking the same question, it caught my attention.

Regretting, and like you, I viewed WhatsApp as ‘another’ messaging up with a ton of users around the world but no way to monetize.

I thought there was no way someone could make a decent income using the WhatsApp application – which is unlike other social and messaging apps.

For example, you can easily make money on Instagram by engaging in influencer marketing. But WhatsApp? That was unheard of, at least until today.

Sat down, did some digging, and finally came up with what you are reading now.

I admit it was tough putting this list together not because it is impossible to make money on WhatsApp, but because 90% of the strategies I got were scams.

To get started, 

I’ll go ahead and confirm that YES, it is possible to make money on WhatsApp in Kenya or in any other nation.

But, while there is no direct way to make money on the platform, there are strategies you can apply, leverage WhatsApp, and make passive income.

What you need to start making money via WhatsApp

Before you start earning, there are some things that you need to take care of first. These include:

  • Having a huge contact list of people interested in hearing from you. This can be your blog readers if you have a website. Your local group members etc.
  • Be a member of large Whatsapp groups. It shouldn’t be just another group full of people, the group should be puzzling with activity. For example, say at least 10 posts per day with members actively participating.

I realized that these two as kind of your ‘assets’ when it comes to making money via WhatsApp.

Think of it as your bridge to the greener side where the money is abundant and a place you can achieve your dreams.

That said, let’s dive into the list:

  • Join ySense
  • Use Affiliate links
  • Merchandise
  • Pay Per Download
  • Drive traffic to your blog
  • Marketing other businesses

I can’t wait to discuss these further with you.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

How to make money via WhatsApp

1. Join ySense

Also popularly known as ClixSense, after research, this immediately became my #1 way of how to make money via WhatsApp.

So, how does it work?

Well, I bet you have heard about thinks like Pay Per Click.

That’s an advertising metric where you are only charged when someone clicks on your link. It turns out, this whole model can be reversed.

Let me explain.

ClickSense is part of a network of platforms running the Paid To Click (PTC) model. It does exactly what it sounds like, you get paid every time someone clicks on your link.

If it was that easy to make money, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Well, it turns out most of the biggest scams on the internet rob the innocent using such a model. They make a ton of promises and have no pay.

ySense is kind of a ‘white’ sheet on a sea of wolves.

On the platform, you get paid to complete surveys, play games, and even watch videos among other things.

Besides these, you can also refer friends to ClickSense and make a commission. And that is where WhatsApp comes in.

Once you open an account on the site, you will get a unique invitation (referral) link. Get the link and share it with your WhatsApp contacts and in the groups, you are a member.

Tips to make more money using this method.

  • Make more money by doing both the surveys and referring people. The truth is, you will not qualify for most of the surveys, but some will fit your profile.
  • Avoid spamming groups with links making promises you cannot keep. Instead of just blasting referral links on WhatsApp groups, offer some value first, then links later. Ignore this at your own peril
  • Do not be greedy and start joining random groups and adding strangers in the name of ‘getting the numbers.’ Have a circle of people who trust you and have a relationship with you. It is easier to follow ‘friend’s’ advice than some random stranger

With that said, once you start earning, ySense allows you to withdraw your earnings through Skrill.

2. Affiliate marketing via WhatsApp

As an affiliate marketer, you get paid every time you successfully refer a paying client to business.

And there are a ton of such programs going around, with some having huge payouts. It works best if you have a motivated list of contacts or belong to high-end WhatsApp groups.

For example:

If you are a lady and belong to several women Whatsapp groups, you can sign up to be an affiliate for local eCommerce websites. Promote ladies’ products to increase your chances of making a sale.

See how that is done?

  • Pick a targeted group of people – talking about a specific topic, say fashion
  • Add value to the group by teaching them about something they care about. For instance, you can teach them the latest trending fashion designs and how to better wear
  • Within your message, include your affiliate link. Ask those who are interested in the designs to go ahead and buy
  • Make sure you are transparent about the affiliate link. I know you think that telling people about it will make them not want to buy, but that is not true. Transparency brings trust. People tend to buy from people they trust.

If you are a member of a group with 200 members, say only 10 made a purchase ($10 product) using your link, which is $100! And that is how to make money via WhatsApp.

Again, do not spam people with a ton of links. I know because I see this a lot and I hate it. Also, only promote products that add value to someone’s life, and not just because you are after the paycheck.

3. Selling your own merchandise

WhatsApp is like a social platform meant for friends and family.

It is a way to get in touch with our loved ones, share stories, and laugh together. Also, it is a way to promote each other’s hustles by buying or referring clients to them.

Instead of sending affiliate links and making commissions, you can make sizable profits by selling your products.

The question is, how does this work?

Well, if you are selling say customized t-shirts, all you have to do is take pictures of the designs and share it on your groups, and to your contacts.

Again, the rule here is to take it slow.

Do not send unsolicited messages.

Make sure the people you are talking to are interested in what you have to offer.

For this reason, consider having your Whatsapp groups.

Encourage people who’d be interested in your merchandise to join. Once you have a sizable membership, avoid over-promoting.

There is a rule of marketing, the 80/20 rule.

Ideally, 80% of the content you send out should be aimed at building trust and relationships with your members and contacts. The remaining 20% is for promotion.

How can you implement that?


If you are sending 3 messages per day to your WhatsApp groups, only 1 of those messages should be promotional. The rest should add value to your audience.

What if you don’t have products, can you still make money via WhatsApp?

 I find most people give up because they think they do not have what it takes to sell products.

Spoiler alert! You don’t need to own any products to make money selling on WhatsApp.

No, I am not talking about affiliate marketing (already covered that above).

Here is what to do if you do not have products but want to make money via WhatsApp.

  1. Open an online store, either on your website or using Shopify
  2. Add product images from local suppliers, manufacturers, or wholesalers
  3. Promote the products on your WhatsApp groups and contacts
  4. Every time you get an order, take the money and place an order with the supplier. Let them ship the product directly to the customer.
  5. Pocket the difference

See what just happened?

First, you didn’t hold any stock.

Second, you didn’t see the product at all.

But now you have money. What happened?

That is called dropshipping. 

Can you market your skills on Whatsapp?


If you are a web designer, showcase your work via WhatsApp. Who knows who might be watching? Well, your clients may not be there, but a friend may refer you.

4. Get paid to market other businesses

If you think you can only do that on Facebook or Instagram, think again. What every business needs are access to a motivated audience ready to take action.

Take a second and think about it.

WhatsApp is a social app.

You have groups and a huge contact list of people who know and trust you. Why not get paid to promote businesses to them?


  • Go to social media and other forums where entrepreneurs hang out
  • Just say something along these lines, ‘hey, I can help you reach a thousand people interested in fashion via WhatsApp. Message me if you are interested.’

Sit and watch as leads stream in.

Pick only those you can deliver results for.

Come up with a strategy to promote their businesses via WhatsApp.

5. Pay Per Download

Here, you upload a file, say images, videos, games, etc. to a website. Every time someone downloads it, you get paid.

Sounds too good to be true?

Trust me, I couldn’t believe it either.

Apparently, before someone downloads the file, they first have to complete a survey or click an ad. And that is how these sites make money to pay you.

How to implement this today:

  • Pick a specific topic, say sharing memes
  • Join groups or have contacts of people interested in memes
  • Upload your memes on such websites
  • Copy the links to this content and Share it on WhatsApp groups and status.
  • Get paid whenever someone downloads the meme

Platforms offering such services include and among others.

6. Promoting your blog

If you have a blog, you can easily drive targeted traffic via WhatsApp.

All you have to do is create or join groups with people interested in your topic. Start talking about your blog and post a link.

For example:

If you blog about online trading, consider starting a trading WhatsApp group.

Invite friends to join. Regularly, offer value and post supporting links back to your blog.

To make money this way, you can have Google AdSense on your website. Alternatively, sell digital products like a course or an e-book.

I have seen blogs go viral on WhatsApp.

People sharing it like crazy. The more it is shared, the more readers you gain, and hopefully the more money you can make.

Bonus tip:

7. Customer service agent

Over a billion people use WhatsApp to communicate both with friends and brands.

Here is a quick question:

Which way would you prefer to contact a business; email or WhatsApp?

I bet you’d pick WhatsApp. Why? It is fast unlike waiting for days to get a mail reply.

I also like it because it is personal and feel valued whenever a company contacts me via WhatsApp.

Despite all these, brands are struggling to keep up with the demand.

They are overwhelmed with hundreds of messages they receive daily, that is where you come in.

You can help them reply and sort through these messages. Be a WhatsApp customer service agent.

For example:

Go to a local eCommerce website and pitch them this idea. Show them how valuable it would be for them to have a WhatsApp live chat option on their checkout page.

This way, customers can ask any questions they might have, consequently reducing abandoned carts.

Wrapping up

I know it sounds strange showing you how to make money via WhatsApp. But it possible, and people are doing it.

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