Knowing When 'No' Means 'Yes'

Knowing When 'No' Means 'Yes'

Talking, flirting, dating, kissing... There are so many indications of someone liking you. We have signs that show someone is interested, small things that give us the confidence to move forward. When you know someone likes you, and then they say 'no' to sex, how do you know they really mean it? Well, we've come up with a very simple list of guidelines to make it much easier on you, in case there's any more confusion.

1. When Someone Is Wearing Revealing Clothing

...And they are dressed in a way that lets you know they want to have sex, when they say 'no', it still means 'no'.

2. When Someone Holds Your Eye Contact For Longer Than Normal

...And they give you that flirty look across the room, they like what they see, and when they say 'no', it still means 'no'.

3. When Someone Touches your Arm Affectionately

..And they come into your personal space by nudging you playfully, lightly grazing your arm. In this instance, if they say 'no', it still means 'no'.

4. When Someone Smiles At You

...And they look at you all gooey-eyed, flashing their beautiful pearly whites with a big grin - if they do this and they say 'no', it still means 'no'.

5. When Someone Blushes When They're Talking To You

...And you just know you've said something right and they definitely fancy you. If after that they say 'no', it still means 'no'.

6. When Someone Drops In That They're Single

...And you are 100% positive they only did it because they were trying to let you know that they're single, if they say 'no', it still means 'no'.

7. When Someone Compliments You

...And they ONLY compliment YOU, but then they say 'no'... It still means no.

8. When Someone Agrees To Go On A Date With you

...And at the end of the night says they'd like to go home with you for a drink. If they say no after that? It still means no.

9. When Someone Is Kissing You

...And it's going really well, and you know they're enjoying it, and THEN they say 'no'? It still means no.

10. When Someone Is In Bed With You

...And they are half-naked and you've been kissing all night, if they say 'no' then... It still means no. $ads={2}
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