The Kenyan education system has for a long time exhibited the fault of driving its citizens towards white-collar jobs with little room for expression of talents and this has resulted in high levels of frustrations and ever-growing statistics of unemployment. However, one institution is coming in to bring a revolution in Kenya and placing talents at the forefront – Talanta Institute.

Located along Thika Superhighway next to Garden City Mall, Talanta Institute is a technical and vocational training centre with a vision to become a global nurturing centre. While the name Talanta Institute may be new since its adoption in January 2017, the institution is not new in the education sector. Previously referred to as Princecam Media Institute, Talanta Institute got conceived to expand its training from solely offering Media Studies to incorporating unique programs that leverage on talents.

The institution has remained true to its mission of transforming society through education, practical based training, and the nurturing of talents. It has positioned itself to offer various programs in the fields of Media Studies, Digital Marketing, Music studies, Deejaying, ICT/ Computer Studies, Baking, and Hospitality.

Talanta Institute was an idea birthed by Princecam Media Limited, a film and media production company that has worked with numerous talented youth in Kenya. Princecam Media has been operational since 2005 and over time it has continued to prove its excellence in identifying, training, developing, and nurturing talents. The vast experience in working with talents and bringing up new visionaries has inspired them to start a dedicated training institute – now Talanta Institute.

Talents Nurtured and Collaborating Personalities
It has unveiled great and renowned talents such as Esther Wahome, Emmy Kosgei (now Mrs. Madubuko), Mercy Masika, Eunice Njeri, Majic Mike, Hellena Ken, FBI Dancers, Kevo Yout, Kris Eh Baba, and Jimmy Gait among several others.

One cannot fail to mention their vast collaborations with other institutions such as Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) spearheaded by Bishop Allan Kiuna and Rev. Kathy Kiuna; Canon, which has helped to attain the mark of quality that resonates with Princecam Media Limited. Furthermore, other than helping to bring up the careers of recording and performing artists; it has remained at the forefront of inspiring the journeys of several others.

As a training institute, it has brought up a crop of visionaries who are behind successful projects and initiatives; who have even gone on to win awards such as the Groove awards, Kubamba Music Awards amongst others. These visionaries are producers, photographers, media creatives, and even fine artists with names such as Sammy Dee, Steve Hunter, Karena Sounds, Eric Kogi, Collins Odhiambo, Caleb Karuga, Peter Thira and several others becoming a mark of quality in the projects they undertake.

Projects Undertaken
Princecam Media has been behind numerous projects, with most of them going on air or getting an audience and following online with shows such as Centro Comedy serving to revolutionize the industry by being the first vernacular stand-up comedy show. Princecam Media has been at the forefront of ensuring the success of productions such as Woman without Limits, Comic productions by Eric Omondi and Teacher Wanjiku, State House Choir Productions, Thimo Thimure by facilitating the productions either by way of conceptualization or availing resources.

Its studios have been the hub of most music video productions in the Kenyan Industry, which has helped support the talents of the youth in Kenya. They have provided a home for numerous producers and directors such as X Antonio, X Benjoes, Enos Olik, J Blessing, Tim Still Alive, Ken Heman, and several others for projects involving artists and groups that have gone on to become household names. These include but are not limited to Sauti Sol, Nameless, Size 8, The Kansoul (Madtraxx Mejja and Kid Korra), Suzziah, and several others.

Their Mandate
In an effort to stay true to their mandate of promoting, supporting, and nurturing talents, Princecam Media Limited conceptualized Talanta Institute to provide a safe, innovative, and professional place for talents to grow and develop. It looks to inspire a bold generation that is not afraid to pursue their passions and dreams.

Talent Showcases
Talanta Institute reigns supreme because of its emphasis and focuses on practical training to impart skills that can be harnessed into a fully-fledged career within a short period driven by interest. Additionally, its focus on professional talent development across a wide range of talent-related fields such as the performing arts promises to be a game-changer for the tertiary training options available in Kenya.

There is no doubt that Talanta Institute seeks to comprehensively fill the training gap for technical and vocational training institutes in Kenya. This will give an unrivaled opportunity for people to pursue their talents, interests and get professional training, as well as offer visibility to talents; while allowing them to develop into fulfilling careers.

The Follow Through
In acknowledging that training in a talent area is not enough to launch a career, Talanta Institute has launched a platform that caters to all talents worldwide known as Talanta Hub (talantahub.com).

A platform that allows all manner of talents to get listed and showcase their work allowing for them to reach out to markets close to them or even farther away from them. It also allows for talents to interact and come together in a space where they will learn how to grow their crafts, build their brands and have a fulfilling career. This will help to optimize their growth and development as well as influence their success levels.

Talanta Institute has a full circle plan of what needs to be effected to promote the growth of talents into careers.
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