Women should consider Vaseline Petroleum Jelly more than they know. Here's why!

Women should consider Vaseline Petroleum Jelly more than they know. Here's why

Chances are the amount of money you’ve spent on the skincare potions in your bathroom is roughly equivalent to the cost of a midsize car. But what if you already own an amazing multitasking product, and it costs less than what you spent on this morning’s latte?

Your mother trusts it, your grandmother has trusted it, and (because it was discovered in 1859), your great-grandmother trusted it, too.

Vaseline has incredible healing properties and beauty benefits too. See them below!

Cheek Highlighter

Save money on makeup. You replace your expensive highlight with vaseline. Apply a minuscule amount for a glowing, dewy look.

Vaseline as Eyelash Glue Remover

Why don’t you use apply vaseline to your real lashes when you’re trying to remove the fake lashes. Use Vaseline to unstick the glue by dabbing some on your finger and thumb and carefully rubbing the offending lashes until the glue/false lash eases off.

To Stop Lipstick Getting on Your Teeth

Avoid the embarrassment of rouge on your gnashers by dotting a weeny blob of the wonder jelly on your front teeth.

Extend perfume staying power

If you swear a lot, apply a blob of vaseline to your wrist before spritzing. This will keep you smelling fresh throughout the day.
As a makeup remover

Dip cotton buds into Vaseline and gently remove makeup from your eyes, the residue that is left around your eyes will aid the remnants of make-up in coming off when you wash your face the following morning.

Keep elbows soft

Vaseline on the elbows is a tried and tested method to keep a troublesome dry spot baby soft. Blob on when convenient at times when you're not wearing a favorite top that will easily grease up and stain.

It subs in for mascara

Women, who don't love apply makeup but still crave defined lashes, can coat them with a little Vaseline for a glossy finish. Petroleum jelly not only leaves lashes conditioned, but it’s even rumored to help them grow (score!).

Use it to restore cracked heels

Slather a generous amount of Vaseline on dry feet, throw on a pair of fuzzy socks and leave them on overnight for super smooth skin the next morning.

Prevent scars from forming

If you accidentally burn yourself with a curling iron (happens to the best of us), try applying a thin layer of Vaseline over the wound to minimize future scarring.
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