5 Best Successful Job Hunting Tips in Kenya

5 Best Successful Job Hunting Tips in Kenya

Job hunting in Kenya is becoming harder by the day. The number of people looking for job opportunities is increasing quite fast. On the other hand, job creation seems to be stagnated if not declining. Sorry to say this, but projections show that the situation is bound to get more difficult. This will be caused by the volatile and sluggish job market in addition to the “not so great” economy. Despite all these, a person can still be able to get a job. However, it will require using a different approach. Relying on the traditional methods is more likely to cause more frustration than satisfaction. The following are the best 5 successful job hunting tips in Kenya.
1. Be Open-Minded

Like in other parts of the world, changes are also taking place in the job market in Kenya. Improved technology and changes in market needs have led to different requirements. A job seeker should embrace change rather than trying to use old methods to seek jobs. Previously, it only required sending a simple resume and going for one or two interviews. In view of this, today’s prospective job seeker needs to have an impressive CV, a well-drafted cover letter, and additional certifications. In addition, he or she may have to attend more than two job interviews for the same job vacancy.
2. Diversify the Job Hunting

To have an edge over your competition, it is necessary to try different avenues. Rather than just relying on the mass media such as newspapers and words of mouth, an individual should consider canvassing for the job. This may entail following leads from close family members and friends. The local job market is unable to sustain the demand. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to look for jobs beyond the borders. This approach has actually worked for many. For example, many Kenyans work in the Far East, Middle East, Europe, and many other countries. Recently, the government of Kenya set up an authority whose aim is to help the youth in Kenya find jobs abroad.

3. Maintain a Network

Job search is something everyone should take seriously. The best way to go is by maintaining a network of friends. Besides being less costly and time-efficient, it has a higher guarantee since you may be handpicked through a recommendation. It is essential to have a large network of friends that are reliable and share the same mindset as you.

4. Have an Idea of Current Market Trends

Job or market requirements keep on changing from time to time. This not only affects a whole industry but also specific areas of career development. A few years back, commerce and business-related professions were quite marketable. However, this is no longer the case. Employers and recruiters are giving special emphasis on IT-related careers. A person who was well qualified in commerce or business may have a hard time finding a job in the current market. Therefore, everyone should always strive to remain abreast with the market developments. And if possible, add some new skillset to match the dynamism in the market.

5. Attain More Knowledge

Simply having one or two degrees will not guarantee you a job in Kenya. Employers are starting to focus more on the skills rather than the educational experience. A job seeker with one degree and a few different certifications in various fields stands a better chance of securing a job. This is in contrast to a person who has a degree or two, or even a Masters's in the same field but lacks technical or hands-on experience. Simply put, it pays to diversify your skills in Kenya.

Kenya has a high rate of unemployment with the youth constituting the largest percentage. Nonetheless, quite a number of people are still able to find jobs. In fact, many have not only gotten lucrative jobs, but also their dream jobs. It all starts which changing the mindset. Similar to other regions, Kenyans have always used the same approach over and over. The approach may have worked then. But it may no longer be feasible in modern times. To stay ahead of the competition, one needs to research on the best methods. Why not consider following the best 5 successful job hunting tips in Kenya illustrated above.

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