Ever dreamed of zipping around town on your bicycle, taking detours through city parks on your way to work, and running errands while getting a little fresh air? But then, what about that huge hill that seems to go on forever every time you need to ride back home? And, what if you don’t have time to shower when you get into the office?

An E-Bike could be the answer. E-Bikes offer a natural feeling ride that expands what you thought you were capable of doing on a bike. You can widen your bikeable horizon to explore beyond the city limits, keep up with a faster crowd, or commute with ease.

Here’s the deal: E-Bikes are just that, electric bicycles. They aren’t scooters or motorcycles, instead, your own muscle power spinning the cranks is what makes the motor kick in – giving a little boost to each pedal stroke. With the touch of a button, you can determine how much you want the motor to work for you, whether that’s a lot or a little. E-Bikes will power up your pedal to 20 mph, or 25 km/h – after that, the motor will cut out and it is up to you to determine your speed.

The motor is powered by a stealthy, sleek integrated battery that will keep you moving throughout your busy day. Just pull the battery from the side of the bike, give it a charge, and your E-Bike will be ready for the next adventure. Learn more about the new E-Bike that will take you from city streets to exploring gravel beyond town limits.

Reimagine the possible and discover what you can do on an E-Bike.

  1. Get there faster.

No matter what is on your agenda for the day – rushing in to work, running errands, or exploring your own backyard – you can get there faster with a pedal-assisted E-Bike. By-pass rush hour traffic by taking the road less traveled and fly down routes that slowed you down on your old bike.


  1. Cover more ground.

Does your daily list of errands have you making circles around the city? No worries. Go from your kid’s school, to work, to the store, to pick up the kids, back home again and everywhere in between with ease and comfort.

  1. Commute, it’s no sweat.

Strap the laptop on your bike rack and go. No matter how many hills you have to climb, or how far you have to travel to get into the office, dial up the assistance level to Sport and zoom down the road, without even breaking a sweat. So go ahead, book that big meeting first thing in the morning – your bike won’t hold you back.

  1. Grab more groceries.

With an E-Bike, adding racks, panniers and baskets are a breeze and loading your bike down won’t slow you down on the way back home. Don’t limit your grocery list based on your mode of transportation, with an E-bike you can pack more.

  1. Tackle steep hills.

Before, you would plan your route to town carefully, remembering there is that big, steep hill on South Street you would want to avoid. So, you took the long way around – and more than once you just decided to hop in the car instead. With an E-Bike, hills won’t stop you from getting where you want to go. Get excited to try new routes and you pedal smoothly upward.

  1. Adventure farther.

Plan a weekend adventure outside city limits. Explore a new road, gravel path or park without worrying about the limitations of your fitness. E-Bikes allow you to ride farther than you thought you could.

  1. Get a workout.

Need to sweat it out on your lunch break? Grab your E-Bike and go. Turn pedal assist on Eco mode or turn it off completely to get in a quick full-body workout. Whether you want to feel the burn on the bike path or grind some gravel, an E-Bike will challenge you if you’ll let it – you’re in control. Had enough? Just turn on the motor and cruise back to the office or home.

  1. Meet up with friends.

With a low stand-over height, the ability to cruise easily without breaking a sweat, and integrated lights, an E-Bike can be your ride to a night out with friends. And just think, you won’t even have to hunt for a parking spot!

  1. Stop and smell the roses.

As you zoom around the city, you’ll have a front seat view of all the little things you miss along the way when you’re confined to a car. And not only that, you’ll actually have time to stop and smell the roses because you won’t be huffing up that hill or stuck in traffic. Enjoy that time saved!


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