Being a male teacher in an all-girls school

Being a male teacher in an all-girls school

Today we lift the lid on cheeky schoolgirls who employ every trick in the book to ensnare young male teachers into illicit love affairs

What is not often said is that in some cases, girls, especially in secondary schools, are never innocent victims but scheming operatives who do anything to entrap the young, male teachers of their dreams.

Teaching at a girls’ school is highly tempting. It is only through a lot of discipline that one can desist from engaging in illicit affairs with these girls.

Smartly dressed and handsome youthful teachers with flashy mobile phones or a laptops have to counter desperate attention-seeking teenage students out to befriend them.

A third-year student at Moi University was posted for teaching practice at a girls’ secondary school in Kisii town. He also worked as a freelance writer with a Christian magazine, was well versed in topical issues, and had an interest in counseling.

He introduced a counseling club that, unknown to him, further endeared him to a few wildly infatuated girls. One girl literally fell heads over heels for him and tried every means in the book to get him.

These included writing provoking ‘compositions’ to him that were in effect just love letters, never mind that he was not the teacher of English.

Either the teacher did not take note of her romantic gestures or he ignored her. Desperate that he would befriend other girls instead of her, she lied to her friends that they were already lovers.


Their supposed love affair spread faster than bush fire and reached the ears of the school administration. Both were summoned before a disciplinary committee to establish the truth of the matter.

The student-teacher vehemently denied any involvement with the girl. The committee, after thorough investigations, concluded that the young man was innocent and punished the girl for lying and as a warning to other girls in the school with similar ideas.

Unfortunately, this did not dampen her flaming desire for the teacher. During the school holiday, she called him as she had already got his phone number, never mind how.

Unable to turn down her nagging, the teacher met her in Kisii town where, unfortunately, he became overwhelmed by the desires of the flesh and broke his professional code of ethics.

A few months later, when he was back at the university for his final year of study, she called him to say she was pregnant with his child. Knowing that he was not ready to settle down with her, he cut off all communication with her.

In fact, some teachers caught up in embarrassing relationships with students are not necessarily the ones who initiated them.

Things You Only Know If... You're A Hot Male Teacher In An All Girls School

First impressions are important

On my first day, the headmistress introduced all the new staff. You’re sitting there on raked seating in a front couple of rows with the girls are looking down at the back of your head, until she introduces you and you turn around to wave. When I stood up and turned around, there was this drum of noise and everyone started chatting suddenly. I was totally, totally mortified.

You’ll over-assert yourself because you’re mortified

After that first day, I was immediately on my guard; I wanted the girls to be a bit scared and know I wasn’t the sort of teacher who’d stand for being wolf-whistled at. God, that’d be awful. Not just in terms of pupils, but teachers, too – other members of staff picked up on it and would say things like, ‘Oh you’re a popular teacher,’ so I needed to demonstrate total professionalism and make sure the girls knew they couldn’t get away with that shit. I went in a bit too firm, probably went too far the other way, but I felt it was necessary.

Girls will fancy you, and make it known

While I’ve never had any really dodgy moments, I was a bit paranoid about the giggles and whispering, and always checked myself to make sure the behavior hadn’t gone too far. I’d always ask myself whether I should have stepped in by now, and said something. There was a group who would stay behind after school when I was marking papers or whatever, and they’d knock on the door and chat to me for as long as they could, and I’d hear them giggling in the corridors. I had to tell them to leave a few times. You’re always very aware of what’s going on, and how it could be perceived.

You really, REALLY don’t want to ‘have a word’

Saying something is the one thing you want to avoid, even though it’s necessary sometimes and you know you’ll have to do it. Nobody wants to pull a student up on what you perceive as them fancying you, because what are you supposed to say? ‘Er, can you stop fancying me please’?! It’s embarrassing and thankfully I’ve not had to do that yet, apart from with one girl who incorporated me into a drama exercise. Annoyingly, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I had to have a word with her afterwards, and tell her it was inappropriate.

Girls will joke-fancy you

My last day was interesting, I got three or four letters and some of them were definitely jokes. Saying things like, ‘I’ve always loved you, I sniff the air after you’ve walked down the corridor,’ and, ‘Let’s run away to France.’ I mean, I’m not God’s gift to girls at all, but I was one of the only teachers in my twenties who they would probably look at, which meant there was a faction who fancied me and another faction who despised the girls that fancied me, because it was so obvious.

You’d never say any of your pupils were fit, but…

Of course, some of them are! Me and my friend who worked at the school were very careful – even in the pub miles away it feels wrong to mention it – but you might just say, ‘That Laura… Christ,’ over a pint and receive a quiet nod in response. A nod that says no, obviously, just no, NO, but they have the potential to be hot in the future if they’re not already.

You punish girls differently to boys

Every person I’ve ever upset in the classroom happens to be a girl. You have to give them feedback more sensitively and sometimes be like, ‘Hey, this doesn’t mean you’re a bad person,’ because they can get really upset about it. You get more of a spectrum of insecurity with girls, so you tend to treat them slightly differently. For example, there was one who was terrified of me. She’d actually shudder when I walked past, and if I spoke to her, she’d recoil. We talked about it, and she said, ‘I’m just terrified of you,’ and we got on quite well after that. But it’s never happened with boys. You can be way more sarcastic and rib them, and they tend to joke along.

There are plus points to working in an all-girls school

While I don’t prefer to work with just girls, the presentation of the work is so much better. Boys scribble all over the page and girls do their homework properly, which makes it so much easier to mark. That’s the best thing… $ads={2}
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