We are mostly guided on how to apply for jobs, and how to customize our CV when applying for jobs but hardly will you be told how to cancel an interview. Canceling an interview is understandable as long as you do it right. My article today shows you how I would tackle such a situation.

Is canceling a job interview unprofessional? Well, it doesn’t exactly look good on your commitment and focus as a potential, however, if you’re confident that you don’t want the job for one reason or another, making a wise and timely decision is imperative hence not wasting anyone else’s time which might be viewed as unprofessional.

If you decide to cancel an interview, you should let the interviewer know as soon as you’ve decided either by email or a phone call depending on how you’ve been communicating. In this case, you are sure the message is received in a timely manner, please don’t text

Be brief about your change of mind, you don’t owe anyone an explanation, but it's courteous to give a reason for the change of mind if you are free to share that. So be kind, courteous, precise, and sincere.

This might be viewed as someone who does not fear giving feedback and might work well later for you in case you come back for a recommendation. The reason, I use the word “might” in my previous statement is because you can’t control how feedback is interpreted and acted upon but you can control the giving of feedback and how it’d done.
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