Engagement proposal ideas for Kenyans

Engagement proposal ideas for Kenyans

Ideally, an engagement proposal ought to have as much glamour and zeal as your love for each other as a couple.

However, most couples do a watered-down or a shy proposal or overlook it altogether. Engagement proposals are not for the super-rich or celebrities alone. Ordinary couples and loving relationships deserve a romantic and memorable engagement proposal too. It might be that creativity is quite limited, especially when it comes to engagement proposals. However, you do not have to do a run-of-the mill engagement proposal. In fact, a little creativity and your love is all it takes to achieve a memorable engagement proposal. Here is a list of some engagement proposals that you can put into practical use.

Propose at your favorite place

Your engagement proposal might not be of a news-item scale, but choosing a lovely sentimental venue for it is significant for both you and your fiancé. Choose a place that is of importance to both of you, maybe the first place you meet or your favorite outdoor scenery or picnic destination. Having a place that you are reminiscent of for your engagement proposal will add excitement to the table.

Propose to your loved one during a treasure hunt

Prepare a date and take your loved one out for a fun outdoors treasure hunt adventure and surprise them with an engagement ring when they least expect it. This is a meticulous way to make your engagement proposal fun and memorable at the same time

Gift your girlfriend with her favorite snack or drink

If your girlfriend loves a particular kind of wine or bakery product, buy her a surprise gift and invite her over to your favorite hangout and present it to her with the engagement ring etched to its packing or contents. This will surprise and wow her and your proposal will not only be memorable to you but also a lovely story to share with your friends and kids

Plan a romantic picnic

Take your girlfriend out on a romantic picnic in a resort or camping site. There is no better a scenery- environment with the chirping of birds and a shining sun to emblazon your engagement proposal-than a picnic. Pack snacks and bring them with you or order from a restaurant on the way, but make sure to slip the engagement ring in one of the packaging containers. This will do for a good surprise once you settle down to take your meal. Let your girlfriend serve the food or snacks for her to find the ring, unexpectedly. Once she opens the container you secretly put the engagement ring in, go ahead and propose.

Birthday Surprise

If your girlfriend's birthday is upcoming and coincides with the time you want to propose to her, then it makes a perfect chance for you to surprise her. You have the chance to make it intimate and present your engagement ring as a birthday gift to her. It could also work out to be a big surprise and a lovely way to propose by inviting your friends and your girlfriend’s family in on your plan so that you can take her off her feet; by putting your engagement ring on her birthday cake and the proposal written on it as well!

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