MORINGA OLEIFERA (Drumstick) is a plant that has been praised for its health benefits. It is very rich in healthy antioxidants and bio-active plant compounds.

The seeds of Moringa oleifera plant are among the most nutritious and most beneficial botanical products available. These Moringa Seeds have been known for their wonderful medicinal properties and are used as herbal remedies. Moringa seeds offer various health benefits and are also known to be used as nutritional supplements and for industrial as well as agricultural purposes. These seeds are edible, both in their fresh as well as their dried forms.

The seeds can be boiled, steamed, or roasted and eaten as a snack and can also be included to many of your favorite recipes for a high-protein, low-sugar, high-potassium, high-omega FA, high vitamin C health boost. Continue reading to find out lots of benefits of moringa seeds.

Moringa Oleifera is Very Nutritious

Almost all parts of the Moringa oleifera tree can be eaten or used as ingredients in traditional herbal medicines. The leaves and pods are commonly eaten in parts of India and Africa.

Moringa Oleifera is Rich in Various Antioxidants

It is rich in various antioxidants, including quercetin and chlorogenic acid. Moringa leaf powder can increase blood antioxidant levels.

Moringa Oleifera May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar can be a serious health problem. In fact, it is the main characteristic of diabetes.

Studies have shown that Moringa oleifera may help lower blood sugar levels.

Moringa Oleifera May Reduce Inflammation

Moringa leaves, pods and seeds have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties as well, which may also be due to isothiocyanates.

Moringa Oleifera Can Lower Cholesterol

It can lower cholesterol levels in the blood, which should lead to a reduced risk of heart disease.

Moringa Oleifera May Protect Against Arsenic Toxicity

Long-term exposure to arsenic may increase the risk of cancer and heart disease. The leaves and seeds of Moringa oleifera may protect against some effects of arsenic toxicity.

Dosage for Moringa Seeds:

Make sure that you start at the lowest amount and only when you determine how your body reacts to it, gradually increase the dose. It must also be noted, that as more research on this is still required, so there may be some side effects of the Moringa Seeds. So, use caution, and in case you find anything odd happening with your health after taking Moringa Seeds, do visit a doctor on an immediate basis. You might experience side effects like severe rash, heart palpitation, hives, dizziness etc.

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