How to Become Successful On Upwork

How to Become Successful On Upwork

Now, hack the process and do better with the same posting. Definitely, when you will post a job with skills that you sell, other people with the same skills will apply for the job. Read the best proposals and profiles.

Copy them from proposal to profile to profile photo and to tests: so on and so forth. You’ll soon become like the best people to get the job that you want to win.

Here is the list of pointers to check while applying for a new job on Upwork.

  • Payment Verified – If you want to be sure that your work is paid, only send proposals for the jobs posted by those employers who have a verified payment method.
  • Reviews – Reviews of the employer matter a lot, check if they have an established history of employing and if they have really good reviews.
  • Jobs Posted – Apply for a job that is posted by a seasoned Upwork employer because he will be professional and aware of the system as well as freelancers.
  • Total Spent & Hourly Rate – Check how much money the employer has spent on UpWork, hiring different freelancers, and also check how much he pays for an hour. Higher the hourly rates, the better the employer you will find.
  • Fixed Price – Go for fixed-price jobs because the employers who post those jobs have to pay for the first deliverable/milestone into escrow and with escrow protection you are sure that you get paid for the work done – chunk by chunk.
  • Connects – You do not have the right to apply for unlimited jobs on Upwork. You are given 60 cents (for example) and those cents are called connects. So spend your connects wisely till the end of the month, or you will have to buy more if not wait till the end of the month.
  • Video Proposals – There are educational institutes that demand videos instead of a letter of interests. Why not adopt the same approach here? Write briefly about all important facts and figures and then let the employer know that you have attached a video proposal for him. They would love the idea of not going through boring details, but viewing and listening to you pitching your value to them.

This is it, folks! I bet this was more than needed inspiration, motivation, push, and practical tips to put you on your way to success in freelancing and that too at the best freelancing forum: Upwork.
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