How to get Google AdSense Approval quickly (Ultimate Guide)

How to get Google AdSense Approval quickly (Ultimate Guide)

Today I am going to guide you on how to get Google AdSense Approval quickly. As we mostly know, Google AdSense is the Most known and Best Paying Advertising Network for Many Bloggers apart from Ezoic…Other than their High Paying Rates, Google AdSense is also known to be a more secure and legit Source of Capital to many Bloggers.

Sometimes back, Google AdSense approval was super-Fast because there was a lower rate of bloggers and developers who were getting into the market. Currently, Many Bloggers and Developers are applying for the Google AdSense Program hence they have made the process more complicated to filter out the number of applicants hence the process may take 1-14 days of Review.

Currently, Google AdSense receives over 50000 applications and reapplications daily, therefore, getting approval from Google AdSense can be a hell of a task especially in Kenya 2021.

However, worry not because Varsity Scope will help you throughout the process with our Ultimate Guide of how to get Google AdSense Approval quickly.

10 Tips How to get Approval In Google AdSense quickly.

The following tips will help you get approved on the first application process:

1. You must have Original and High-Quality content

Google is the most known and best search engine because it will always offer the Best Search Results to the billions of its users all around the World. Therefore, Google AdSense will ONLY consider High-Quality Content and original content so as to offer the best Results.

Just a piece of advice, if you want to make it in the World of Blogging, Avoid Plagiarism or copy-pasting because you will be banned for sure on the Application. Choose a niche of your best understanding and be sure to get approval in Google AdSense quickly.

Meanwhile, you can visit GooglePublisher Policies to find more details on what content Google may consider being good

2. You must have 14-20 High-Quality posts

Remember you must have original and quality content which Google may allow to appear in the first page of Google search. Having many posts will show Google that your website is ongoing and the developer is serious about producing high-quality content.

Also, remember that your posts should have a recommended 800-3000 words to show that you have knowledge and understanding of your content/niche, As a result, you’ll get google AdSense approval quickly.

You can use apps like grammar, plagiarism checker, and spell checker to better your content

3. You must have the following pages on your website

Before you apply to Google AdSense make you have the following pages on your website and clearly be seen.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Contact us page

This is a page that is used to show the users of your website where they can contact you from i.e. your active email, mobile number, and also your Address. This shows Google AdSense that your Website is a legit business.

๐Ÿ‘‰ About us page

Here you give an overview of your website i.e. the Websites' Purpose, Details of when the website was formed, the core mandate of the Website/organization. This will also help Google AdSense understand your website even more as an Organization

๐Ÿ‘‰ Privacy policy, and Terms and Condition Page

These pages are very essential for legal formality in your website, many may ask how can I write a 2000 privacy policy page? Well, worry not, there are hundreds of Privacy policies and Terms and Conditions generators you just need to Google them.

4. Your website must have a clear navigation

Can you imagine going somewhere you don’t, how confusing that can be? Well, that’s the same case in a website that doesn’t have a clear navigation i.e. in and out of the website. You must make sure your website’s navigation menus are clear and navigable, the titles should match the content, and also should be clear.

5. Avoid images with copyright

You should avoid downloading images from Google directly. This is because Google believes that that’s the intellectual property of the owner and hence he/she should be paid.

There are many sites to get free images i.e. pixabay, pexels, etc

6. Make sure your website is not on the list of restricted Websites.

There are a number of factors and reasons that can make a website be restricted on Google AdSense. This includes sex and porn sites, promoting drug abuse –marijuana, tobacco alcohol, etckilling and terrorism sites, and any other that Google AdSense may deem restricted in their Policies.

Before coming up with content, make sure it doesn’t go against Google AdSense restricted lists of Sites. If not be ready to say bye-bye to Google AdSense. Click here to learn more about Google AdSense restricted List

7. Make sure your website has a decent look

This will not only make your subscribers like your website but also give a good impression to your viewers. 

This will also help you in adding and Positioning your Google AdSense ads on your website giving you more clicks.

8. Make sure you are 18 years and above

For legal purposes, Google tends to initiate a contract with people who are over 18 years. That means you can only be allowed to create an account if you are 18 years of age.

But worry not, you can still use your parents or guardian details to register for the account. Starting early is also very Great.

9. Also sometimes the Website’s age may matter

In countries like Asia and India, there were a lot of Reported cases on the level of Fraud and scamming sites. Therefore, measures had to be put i.e. the account must be 6 months older in order for you to apply for Google AdSense

However, in countries like USA and Europe, you can apply for AdSense and get approved within the first month of your website.

10. You should remove other Ads while Appling

This is just a hint. If your website has been rejected countless times, you should consider removing the other Ads from other Networks for the few days of the application.

Even though Google AdSense says that it's ok to apply with other ads on, sometimes the reviewers may choose not to accept your website. This can be due to many pop-ups and many ads on your site which can be considered a Spam

All being said and done let’s get started for the Application Process

Getting Started

  • Obviously must have a Website.
  • Create an Account at Google AdSense by Clicking here
  • Log in to the Google AdSense account
  • Create the Google AdSense Ads Code
  • Place the Google AdSense Ads Codes on your site( where you prefer)
  • The ads will show blank till approval, don’t remove the Ads at anytime
  •  Wait for 2-14 days of Google AdSense review
  • Wait for an email confirmation from Google AdSense showing your site has been approved to serve Google AdSense Ads
  • Once your reaches 10$, Google AdSense will send a pin to your address
  • Login to your account to input the pin
  • When your Google AdSense earning reaches 100$, you will be allowed to withdraw via Bank transfer

Thanks for reading our Guide on how to get approval in Google AdSense quickly, kindly comment on your experience


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