How To Start A Radio Station In Kenya Easily Now

How To Start A Radio Station In Kenya Easily Now

Radios have become a very common means of communication ever since the past years. Up to date, they are used by a wide range of people.

You will find out that most matatus and vehicles are fitted with radio systems. The radios play a very big role when it comes to entertainment and news.

Radios also come in smaller sizes thus making them very portable.

This is how to start a community radio station in Kenya, or generally how to start a radio station in Kenya step by step guide:

Step 1: Apply For Your Radio Frequency.

If you don’t know how to get a radio frequency in Kenya, you will need to visit the communications authority of Kenya website

Check under licensing. Download application form to register radio frequency. Follow the instructions to fill and submit the form. Wait for your frequency.

Step 2: Get The Required Licenses

The average broadcasting license cost Ksh. 10,000. For commercial free-to-air broadcasting such as television, you will pay an average of Ksh. 200,000 licensing fee.

Also, your license type will depend on whether you are starting broadcasting or a community radio station.

Step 3: Design Your Studio

Equip your studio with necessary audio equipment.

Step 4: Recruit Broadcasters

You need people to engage your audience. Get the right persons and hire them. Be sure you’re your broadcasters do some practice before going live.

Step 5: Get Your Equipment Installed And Ready

Buy the equipment required like antennae, transmitter, microphones, headphones, and sound proof.  

Start An Online Radio Station

This is how to start an online radio station in Kenya                      

1. Design Your Physical Studio.

This is where you will broadcast. You need equipment such as microphone, audio mixer, headphones, monitor speakers, computer, and strong reliable internet connection.

2. You Need A Radio Server

A radio server is where you will host your radio program. You also need a playout system including media players, DJ programs, and radio automated programs.

You need an encoder that converts audio to a streamable format. Most radio servers or software have an inbuild encoder.

You may need additional software for recording and tweak audio files.

3. Identify Your Listeners

Do you want passive or active listeners? Active listeners are those who are engaged when you are live. So, have programs suitable for your audience.

4. Get Your Programs Ready

Whether it's music, interviews, political analysis, news, daily stories, etc, things that your audience may be interested to listen to.

Cost Of Setting Up A Radio Station

The cost of setting up a radio station in Kenya ranges on average from Ksh. 500,000 to as high as Ksh.2 million. The cost is inclusive of getting frequency, licensing, setting a studio, and radio station equipment among others.

Radio station equipment cost in Kenya is high. For instance, the cost of an Fm radio transmitter in Kenya that is new is about Ksh. 384,900 on average.

You can as well get the transmitter at a lower price especially when you get it from someone selling their radio station.

Let me hope that you got all the answers to your questions. And that this article was of great importance to you.

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