State Commendations Kenya: Benefits And How to Apply

State Commendations Kenya: Benefits And How to Apply

The Head of State Commendation is one of the presidential awards usually given to outstanding Kenyans who selflessly render their services to the country.

The other presidential orders in terms of seniority include; the Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya, the Distinguished Conduct Order, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star of Kenya, Head of State's Commendation, and the Uhodari Medal. The Uhodari Medal is the highest military medal. Less than 15 have been awarded, and only a few are alive.

Benefits And Entitlements That Come With State Commendations

Benefits And Entitlements That Come With State Commendations

According to National Heroes Act, these people are entitled to the following privileges:

1. Appearing in both national and community events as Stare guest.

2. Events such as cultural and sports could be held in their honor.

3. In case of financial need, they can be assisted via the National Heroes Funds.

4. If need be, the government can facilitate their kin's education up to the tertiary stage.

5. Opportunities for their dependants to serve in different opportunities where qualified.

6. Having different infrastructures and streets named after them.
State Commendations Kenya: Benefits And How to Apply
Recipients of these awards are selected by the National Honours and Awards Committee who work in the Office of the President.

They are guided by the National Honours Act, which stipulates that a person who exhibits exemplary qualities or achievements of heroism, patriotism, or leadership, those who have made an exemplary contribution to the country in terms of economic, scientific, security, and business among other fields should be feted.

While The National Honours Advisory Committee is allowed to pick anyone deemed deserving, Kenyans can also apply for consideration.

The application form can be accessed by visiting the website, clicking on the Downloads tab, and choosing the National Honours Nomination Form.

The form is provided free of charge and has various gaps which applicants should fill.

Kenyans can nominate themselves or be nominated by colleagues, networks, friends or anyone else.

In the first part of the form, the following details about the nominee are required;

Title, name, position/ title/ rank (if any), ID/passport number, date of birth, nationality, county of birth (if Kenyan), postal address, email address, telephone numbers, home county, sub-county, ward, location, sub-location, village, highest academic qualification, and occupation.

Some of the key areas to focus on are;
  • Record of public service or role in national development.
  • Achievements that make them stand out from others.
  • Posts or engagements/roles in which the nominee has excelled.
  • Other awards which they have received in their work.
One is then required to fill out what presidential award or medal they are applying for.

The information has to be seconded by another person who is also expected to convince the committee that the achievements listed are true and also give their personal details as required.

The form is sent to The National Honours Advisory Committee where it is reviewed and a decision is made.

The National Honours Act of 2013 requires that names of the award nominees be published in at least two daily newspapers to invite public views but this is often bypassed.

Just as the president can award a national honor, he can also revoke it.
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