Suit Etiquette For Ladies Everyone Should Know

Suit Etiquette For Ladies Everyone Should Know

Suits are made strictly for men. There are also suits designed specifically for women. Unfortunately, many women are unfamiliar with the proper etiquette regarding this type of fashion, so they tend to avoid wearing it. But whether you want to or not, there will come a time in every woman’s life that calls for an elegant suit. So, what’s the appropriate etiquette regarding suits for women? Let’s take a closer look at this topic…

It’s important to note that suit etiquette for women generally offers greater flexibility when compared to suit etiquette for men. This means you’ll have more freedom to choose the clothes YOU want to wear and wear them the way YOU want to. Men have to abide by a strict set of rules when it comes to suits, some of which dictate the number of buttons they are fastened or left unfastened, the types of ties they can wear, and the length of their jackets. While women must also be concerned with some of these elements, they tend to have more freedom over their choice of style when it comes to wearing a suit.

Rather than wearing trousers like their male counterparts, women tend to wear either a dress or skirt with their suits. Both of these garments are perfectly suitable, assuming they fall to at least knee-length. Dresses or skirts that rest above the knee may not be suitable for all occasions, especially formal ones. So when choosing a skirt or dress to wear with a suit, make sure it goes to your knees. If not, you may want to look for an alternative garment to wear.

For the top, women can wear a blouse — either white or colored — or a standard buttoned-up t-shirt. However, the shirt must match and flow cohesively with the woman’s bottom, which in this case would be a skirt or dress. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your top has to be the same color as your bottom, but the two garments should flow in tandem with one another.

Because ties are rarely worn by women, you’ll have to find a suitable replacement if you’re looking to accessorize your suit outfit. One option is to wear a silk scarf, which will add a luxurious and equally stylish element to your appearance. Of course, you could avoid wearing a neck accessory altogether, which is perfectly acceptable.
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