The Benefits of Online Education – Learn Anywhere, Anytime

The Benefits of Online Education – Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Online education has started to replace many traditional education techniques in recent years. It is being used in both corporate sectors as well as in standard education environments; more and more people are enrolling for online courses and programs. In response to these changes in online enrollment demands, many countries, states, universities, and companies have begun planning to implement online education.

Today, online education is on the rise. With ever-improving technology and communication channels, people who are hungry for knowledge and learning are no longer starved of the opportunity to learn. Online education has almost eradicated the barrier between students and universities. Whatever the subject field, the internet, along with video conferencing programs, are helping people improve their education, and subsequently, their lives on a constant basis. There are no longer financial boundaries or time restrictions, as students can study and revise at their own pace and in their own time.

According to a market report, “Year-to-year, there is approximately a 4% increase in the number of online education students, up from 3.8% recorded last year”. The report further revealed that the global online education market reached $107 billion in 2015, which was $32.1 billion in 2010. All of this means that people, from recent high school graduates to working professionals, are finding various reasons to move their education online. Below are 6 reasons why you should choose online education.

Why choose online education?

1. Wide variety of schools and courses

Online education offers students a variety of options to choose from schools and courses not physically available in their area. This means that whatever courses students wish to study, they can now easily find it online. It is extremely helpful for people living in rural areas, far from any educational institute. Online education can provide access to various online courses without the need for a big move.

2. Convenience

Online education gives students the flexibility to plan their study time. At Shaw Academy, students can access recorded versions of their classes 24/7. Online education also saves students time otherwise spent commuting to college and libraries. All of this makes online education or online learning a good option for people who need to balance their work and family life.

3. Cost-effective

Online education is more affordable than traditional schooling. Online classes at Shaw Academy don’t require physical textbooks as all the learning material is available online. Online education also helps people cut down the costs of transport, babysitting, and more. In addition, almost all colleges and universities have begun to accept credits earned through open online courses, the most recent advance in online learning, helping people to get an education at a lower cost.

4. Networking prospects

Online education provides people with the opportunity to network with peers from all over the world. Students can easily interact with their instructors in a private forum, such as emails, online chats, and newsgroups. Students also get the opportunity to interact with top guest lecturers from around the world to who they previously would not have had access to.

5. Instructor–student interaction

In a traditional or physical classroom, where classes have students in the hundreds, you may not get the personalized attention required to answer your questions or resolve a problem. Online education gives the opportunity to students for online guided consultations and special talk time with instructors. This increases the chance of good performance in exams and also enhances students’ communication and problem-solving skills.

6. Career progression

Students can take online classes and still continue working, if necessary; there is no need to leave employment. Earning a degree, diploma or certificate online will also add value to your resume or CV and can show prospective employers that you are skilled, knowledgeable, and ambitious.

These are just a few of the many benefits of online education. With online education, students are able to control the learning environment, manage their time, and complete exams on their own schedule. In conclusion, online education is playing a huge role in improving global literacy. While it is down to the student to motivate themselves to engage with and complete the course, online education has removed the typical financial, practical, and time constraints that hinder potential students. It has truly opened a wealth of opportunities for students across the world.

Of course, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Due to the virtual nature of online education, there is a lack of face-to-face interaction with the professor or the teacher, and where competition among classmates often encourages students to perform better, online education requires students to motivate themselves more to complete assignments and finish the course.

Despite these minor potential drawbacks, however, the vast majority of students are happy and satisfied with online education. The future of online education looks bright and promising, and it opens up education to a larger section of the people than ever before.

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