What I Love About Luo Women

What I Love About Luo Women

Luo women have a reputation of always being needy, demanding, and being commanding, and clinging to the idea that they are always the right ones in the room, damned the rest.

Among many things, they are also some of the best dressed, well-educated women on earth who are not willing and cannot take anything less what they’re worth, with an attitude that surpasses Mount Everest’s summit.

And of course, Luo women love drama. If you can’t handle drama, you cant handle Luo women.

If you are not strong enough, you most certainly cannot survive dating a Luo woman.

“If I’m more than you can handle, find less and stick to your lane,” might just be a statement that was coined by a Luo woman for all Luo women.

Among many other things, here are some of the top 6 why you need a Luo girl in your life. Thank us later on.

Her attitude

No one brings a finer attitude to the table like this Mama. She doesn’t act like she needs you even though she terribly and desperately does. She’s her own woman who is very fiercely independent.

She’ll be head over heels for you but she won’t show you. And if she does, brother, you will like it. Nothing makes a man want to stay with a woman even more than being made he’s not needed. Women have used this trick for thousands of years and it always works every other time. Act like you don’t need him and you’ll never lose him.

The Coitus game

Luo mamas serve you something you haven’t eaten before. She’ll bend that body so hard, spread those thighs so wide, arch that back so proper, lift up that derriere so nice, you will be swimming in unlimited coitus ecstasy.

She can even give it to you just the way you like it

Kitchen skills

Have you eaten her food? No? Why? Who are you? Damn you! Go try this girl’s food.

Today! And you’ll experience a rare culinary baptism. Luo girls can cook themselves to death. Food is so sweet, so tasty, so scrumptious you may need to orgasm just from eating her food.

To her, cooking is an art, a duty, not some boring occupation she has to be dragged to because the man is hungry.


They are one of the Kenyan women notable for their derriere, in some few parts of the country, you can identify a Luo woman simply by looking at the bright future she’s carrying behind her.

This mama has every man’s desire in check without doing anything, by simply walking in her majestic confidence, she’s already captured the attention of many men without saying anything whatsoever.

Fiercely protective of her man

The thing about this woman is; when she notices that there’s some other little girl coming for her man, she doesn’t start a fight with the man but with the little girl.

And by fight I don’t mean like a little argument via WhatsApp and a few angry emojis, no, I mean, FIGHT like, a full-on, nasty, thorough fighting. She’ll show up on the door of the alleged side chick. Knock it like a team from the Reece Squad.

Luo Girls let you be the boss in the relationship

If you tell your Luo chick about what you want to do at the weekend she will simply go like yes cool let’s do that. She won’t say I wanna go buy mtumba when you suggest going to your friend’s bash. Luo girls let you make the decisions what you are going to do together when you are going to do it (Let’s go eating now, I’m hungry), and how you are going to do it (Let’s only go for a few hours, I wanna meet up with my friend later). Girls from a certain region which you all know always want to do the planning and at least try to achieve some compromises: If we do this today, we are going to do that tomorrow, ok? No man wants that.

She’s just wifely in nature

The Luo girl is generally wifely from all angles and whichever way you wanna look at it.

She’s polite, obedient, respectful, and more than ready to be tamed and made a wife.

Unlike other women, she seems to have some serious respect for her man and seems to be ready to be number two. She’s ready to play the part and ready to submit to his authority.

She doesn’t question much, doesn’t strive to be at par with the man that much, and learns her place pretty fast.

All men love such a woman. From day one, the Luo girl is already ready to be your wife and to do all those little wifely things, why don’t you give one a chance already.

Her parents will love you more than your own family

If you’ve won over the hearts of your Luo lady, her family will probably love you forever, vigorously worry about you like it’s a competitive sport, and feed you until you definitely need to loosen your belt. Unless you screw your Luo girl over, and then it’s end times for you bruh. Lord help your soul if you’ve angered a Luo girl’s family.
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