Why you need to wash your face every morning with cold water

African woman washing her face

Have you noticed why your face looks a little puffy in the morning just when you are up from the bed? This is because when we sleep our cells regenerate hence our pores expand and our faces seem a little puffy. If you think fixing that isn't easy, then fret not! A splash of cold water is all that you need. Washing your face with cold water has magical effects, especially in the morning.

The secret to achieving radiant skin might be as simple as changing the way you wash your face.

Coldwater helps to soothe our eyes and face.

Tightens pores as cold water promotes blood circulation which helps give your face vitality and more color. Washing your face with cold water will enhance the brightness of your face and that could be a substitute for make-up.

If you are looking for an anti-wrinkle cream, then stop! Coldwater will work just fine as it helps tone the skin which makes the skin look younger for longer naturally. Regular use of cold water to wash your face slows aging and does wonders for it helps fill out the wrinkles on your face.

Our skin attracts the sun’s harmful rays but when we use cold water our pores tighten and protects us from the harmful sun rays a little more. The tightening of pores may also help your makeup to stay on longer.


Rubbing your face with a towel feels pretty darn good. But your skin really — and we mean really — doesn’t like it. Rubbing rather than patting can seriously damage the skin’s elasticity, which can cause major sagging in the future. I can also cause irritation. So don’t just grab any old towel; use a fresh cloth each and every time you dry your face to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Hydrating your skin is an important step in maintaining the overall health of your face regardless of your skin type. Yeah, it’s scarily counterintuitive that adding a moisturizer to your face actually helps keep oil level in check, while drying out your face creates more oil. If you’ve got oily skin, go with a gel or lotion-based moisturizer. If you've got dry skin, use creams. If you’re in-between, use light, acid-free lotions.
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