Zuri Health helps provide affordable, accessible telemedicine services

Zuri Health helps provide affordable, accessible telemedicine services

Zuri Health Eases Health Delivery With Its Telemedicine Service...the healthcare app is expected to hit massive expansion across Africa

Zuri Health has reportedly saved hundreds of Nigerians caught up with severe ailments, according to testimonies remarked by several patients. The e-health platform also has a real-time healthcare facility dedicated to resolving the outraging health dilemma in Africa.

You can easily book a
real-time appointment with an available doctor via the Zuri app — in less than
ten minutes, the appointed doctor will attend to you without spending much of
the patient’s time.

According to Zuri
Health, deaths caused by sickness and diseases will continue to increase because
there is no proper documentation of existing ailments. Still. Africa, in
general, lacks access to profound healthcare amenities — one of the major
reasons Zuri Healthcare is trusted.

The start-up
healthcare platform offers mobile-based services that Africans can rely on with
professional treatment. Zuri Health analysis discovered 50% of Africans can
access modern healthcare facilities while the other fraction that depends on
underfunded public health infrastructure is above 80%.

Zuri Health inspires a
difference in the African healthcare
industry — a soluble service that addresses the shortage of drugs
distribution across the continent. The startup healthcare platform is
introducing telemedicine — a computational framework that fills the void of
irregular health default.

The startup healthcare
platform launched its services in Kenya with affordable and accessible
healthcare services. Zuri intends to expand its services across Africa in
countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Cote DÍvoire, Mozambique,
Angola, and Senegal. — you can consult a professional doctor via Zuri
healthcare services.

Aside from chatting
with a doctor via the Zuri health app, you can also book appointments with a
doctor for indoor service, purchase authentic drugs from its in-house pharmacy,
and book labs and diagnostic tests that happen to be a rare commodity in Africa

“The app is named
after my daughter, Zuri, who was born in 2013. Despite being at one of the best
hospitals in Kenya, we could not get a doctor to attend to my wife on time
while she was in labour,” per Ikechukwu Anoke the chief executive of Zuri

Per Zuri’s chief
executive life experience that encouraged him to venture into the healthcare
business whereby “an underlying health problem in a Covid environment, it was
vital to think about the provision of healthcare in a different way.”

At the time Covid-19
became viral, the fear of the virus influenced several health institutions to
shut down services worldwide. Ikechukwu seized the opportunity to develop Zuri
Health a soluble means that addresses health default “without leaving the
comfort of their home and further risk their lives.”

Towards the end of
2020, Ikechukwu released the beta version of the Zuri Health app in Nairobi,
Kenya. It is worth noting that the healthcare platform also serves as a
marketplace for doctors to earn extra cash.

“Zuri Health gives
doctors a wider and easier platform to reach patients who need them while the
underserved populace can now access affordable and sustainable healthcare” — up
to 250 doctors are ready to serve potential patients via Zuri.

Without further ado,
Zuri Health has joined the list of e-health platforms — the likes GoMedical,
Hello Doctor, mTrac, ChanjoPlus, and M-Tiba. These e-health platforms are ready
to address the lack of internet connectivity in rural-urban regions of Africa.

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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