16 Ways to Look Great as a Curvy Plus-Size Woman

Today’s average woman is curvy and plus-size, going by what fashion designers and merchandisers label any woman over a size 12 as. Many argue against this classification and insist that a plus-size woman is one who is a size 16 and above but generally, most of us feel you are plus-size when you are close to being overweight.

The irony of it all is that most admired women are curvy. There are many regions of the world where being a plus-size woman is more acceptable than being skinny. They believe that more flesh in the right places is what makes today’s woman a real woman and the fashion design industry is aware of this.

There is a sharp rise in the number of fashion-savvy full-bodied women. Unlike in the past when being fat meant wearing plain clothing, the 21st-century woman now wears styles similar to what slimmer women wear.

And apparel manufacturers, fashion retailers, and exhibitors have also developed a renewed interest in the plus-size fashion industry. Now, you’ll find fashion designers whose sole passion is designing clothing and accessories for voluptuous and large women.

You can be a plus-size woman and still look fabulous. As they say, “beauty comes in all sizes”. Proudly embrace your curves.

How to Look Stylish If You are Plus-Sized

As a big woman, it is good to know what style of clothes will work wonders for your figure. This only means that you pay attention to what flatters your body and what does not. Additionally, you must:

  1. Wear the appropriate size. Don’t wear styles that are too tight.
  2. Don’t wear loose clothes just to hide your shape unless that’s the outfit’s design.
  3. Choose styles made from soft flowing fabrics, soft kinds of cotton, jersey, crepe, and non-cotton stretch materials.
  4. Wear colors and shades that complement your size.
  5. Choose colors that compliment your skin tone. Whether you prefer soft subtle shades or bold colors and daring prints, their choice must be enhancing and complimentary.
  6. Avoid wearing very short skirts and dresses. If you have well-toned legs, you can wear nice knee-length styles. If you have puffy ankles, for instance, go for classy cuts in longer lengths.
  7. Wear pants and shorts that look smooth on your body. Avoid those that ride up the inner thighs.
  8. Plus-size women can wear tight jeans too, so if your love denim, go for the stretch types.
  9. Wear shapewear for a sophisticated and ‘finished’ look whenever you dress up in formal outfits.
  10. Never wear crumpled or un-ironed clothes.
  11. Wear the appropriate undergarments, depending on the clothes you wear. The right underwear gives you the necessary smoothness. So, whatever you wear; a dress, fitted jacket, a pair of jeans, or informal pants, it is important you wear the right bra and appropriate panties.
  12. Wear fashion accessories that enhance and do not overwhelm. Your handbags must not be oversized and avoid shoes that are overtly strappy or chunky.
  13. Wear fashionable clothing that makes you very noticeable in classy and stylish ways.
  14. Create a special style that is sophisticated but simple and avoid peplum style attires.
  15. Ensure you have some trendy wardrobe basics like good-fitting jeans, t-shirts, button-up blouses, classic black pants and skirt, a short jacket, and a couple of classic cardigans.
  16. Only wear clothes that make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Whatever the case may be, if you are a curvy and plus-size woman, it is always good to wear apparel that makes you feel feminine, fashionable,  and confident.

As a curvy or plus-size woman, being fashionable should be your choice. Making yourself look chic and elegantly dressed will not only make a whole lot of difference to your looks, but it will also be a great boost to your ego, make you feel confident, and raise your self-esteem.

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