5 Emotions You'll Experience on Graduation Day

5 Emotions You'll Experience on Graduation Day

As Graduation Day gets closer, we can only imagine the thoughts bubbling through your mind. It's normal to feel emotional - after all, you've come so far to get here. We hope you'll savor the moment when your name is called and you receive your degree, diploma, or certificate.

Today's blog is about the emotions we're sure you'll be feeling on Graduation Day. Can you identify with any of them already?

1. Excitement

Now that you've earned your degree, you're probably stoked about what's coming next - whether you're transferring to a four-year school or you have a job in your field lined up. It can be thrilling knowing that you have a brand new beginning right around the corner!

2. Bittersweet

Maybe you're sad to leave college because you made amazing friends while you were there, but you're also happy because graduation means you're making progress in your life. Things have finally come full circle and moving on can sometimes feel bittersweet.

3. Pride

Earning a college degree is no easy feat! Your hard work has gotten you so far and that fact alone shouldn't be taken lightly. You have no one to credit for this accomplishment other than yourself - and you deserve to reflect on this experience with pride!

4. Anxiousness

It's normal to worry about the future (or to even just worry about the graduation ceremony itself!). The important thing is to remember that your associate degree or certificate will give you so many more opportunities for your future. You worked hard to get here. This is something to celebrate!

5. Love

Your family and friends are proud of you and so are all the faculty and staff at the college! Hang on to this positive, loving energy for as long as you can. Think about everyone who motivated you along the way, whether you're a parent who came here to make a better life for your kids or a first-generation college student making your family proud.

Congratulations Class on your graduation! You're going to be great!

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