A Gap On Front Teeth: The Secret You Need to Know

A Gap On Front Teeth: The Secret You Need to Know

In many parts of Africa, a woman with a gap in the middle of her teeth is considered a beautiful being. Women wish to have her smile, men love to see her smile. It is believed that such a woman possesses some sort of sexual appeal and beauty. There’s apparently something about that tiny space in the middle of the upper teeth that makes many Africans go wild.

No, Having a Space Between my Two Front Teeth Doesn’t Mean I’m a Freak in Bed.

When I was a little girl, I never gave much thought to the prominent gap between my two front teeth. But, then again — I grew up during a time when selfies meant standing in front of a mirror and mentally photocopying the memory of your image. I’m pretty certain the lack of a high-precision camera x-raying my every move allowed me to enter adulthood relatively unscathed.

That being said, I was rather vain during my teenage years, which isn’t an uncommon attribute. The mirror in my parents’ bedroom situated against the backdrop of pure natural light, gave me permission to indulge myself and never did my confidence waiver when my imperfect set of teeth came into view.

I basically inherited most of all the quirky features from my mother’s side of the family. First the gap-toothed smile and then later — the annoyingly early onset of silver strands that have since overtaken my once divinely jet black hair — but more about it that later. Right now, I am inclined to focus my attention on disputing the ridiculous claims that are consistently and foolishly applied to women who are blessed with the gap-toothed smile.

Yes, I enjoy sex and crave it just as much as any attractive woman with a healthy libido would, and to be rather blunt, I do enjoy giving blo*wjobs even more than the required payback. I guess seeing him squirm with pleasure at my command turns me on and encourages my need to exert my power even more which drives him to the ends of the universe. I enjoy watching men fall prey to my perfectly executed routine.

What I can’t tolerate is the assumption that because I have a gap between my teeth, I am automatically down for any level of sexual content. The freakier the better because women like me are always down for that. We are known to be accommodatingly explorative both under and above the sheets — so feel free to present the vilest request you can muster because I was born ready.

Wrong! Yes, it has come to my attention that I am very good company — Madonna, and even Michael Strahan are both bequeathed with this very besotted asset. I am not up to speed when it comes to Strahan’s sexual prowess, but we can all agree that Madonna’s track record is quite extensive in that realm.

I mean she released an album titled Erotica for God's sake. Maybe I should blame her for the level of shit that I have to tread through because of a smile that for most translate to “let's f*ck” — even though I’m just a well-behaved lady who is trying to decide whether I like you or not.

And for those who remark that my gap is a sign of beauty — that is also utter bullshit, contrived as a way to assign a worthy component to the most random accessory. In my case, maybe not so much — because, again, it runs in the family and blood is truly thicker than water when it comes to genetics. Ironically enough mostly women give this type of feedback.

But back to the men. Please stop harassing me with your eyes — bloated with expectations of what is to come. I am quite sure that I can make you come if I wanted to but most of the time — I really don’t.

My gap doesn’t warrant my need to f*ck everything that literally moves and has noise coming out of it. I can be a freak when the inspiration for it overtakes me — but that’s stimulated by my attachment to the recipient and has absolutely nothing to do with the space between my two front teeth.

I don’t want to be forced mid-way to perform acts that don’t match my present temperament just because you are curious and eager to report back to your equally curious posse. You also don’t have to work a lot harder than usual to prove that you can keep up with a freak like me.

Crazily furious sex is a welcomed activity and change of pace when the times call for it but I am not down for that all the time. My sex drive and principles of pleasure aren’t reliant on a feature that I didn’t ask for or even want. It was given to me without permission and I accept it wholeheartedly but I don’t expect it to pre-determine how I will rate during our amicable encounter.

I love having sex but I prefer making love — I am good at both but don’t make the choice for me. This thing between my teeth can work for or against you. If you don’t want the latter than step back, chill and let me blow your mind first.

The Secret About People With A Gap On Front Teeth

Have you ever seen people with this gap? Have you ever tried to spy on their lives? Have you ever watched their lifestyle? Have you ever seen what they do in their day-to-day life? I thought you should know that. Now let’s have a look at this. Some of the quick facts about this. If you never knew these people possess an extraordinary lifestyle. Why? and how?

  1. Always lucky in life

If you have been trying to spy on them, these people have extraordinary luck. They always have very unbelievable lucks that you won’t believe it. It is always to a point of giving up is when they rejuvenate from nowhere to something incredible. These are the same people with the potential of picking fallen good things roads in childhood due to luck. They are blessed in a weird manner where they get the lucky day in day out

  1. They look blessed

If you have noticed this, they always seem to be blessed because everything they do is always just perfect. However, when something is being given out somewhere that only gets lucky, they never miss on the list.

  1. They never lose competitions

This is the other fact about them. In whatever competition they take part in, they never lose and be among losers. It’s either they lead or be among the runners-up. Try to watch out for this.

  1. Not talkative

These people never talk too much instead, they only contribute to an argument if given a chance. They don’t open their mouth easily thus you may not notice the gap easily. This feature makes them easily abused since they won’t talk easily.

  1. Are caring

They are among the most caring person ever. They don’t like seeing people in trouble. They always try to offer help to the less fortunate even if not in that good financial position. They never allow seeing people in trouble.

  1. Always look smiley and happy

Wow! Research on this. You will discover that there is no one who has the gap and look gloomy. They always seem like almost bursting into laughter

  1. Have great ambitions in life.

Try to talk to them about their ambitions. They have incredible ambitions that you won’t believe it. They care so much about their future and really work on it.

Do You Want to Close the Gap? We Have Options

Option 1: Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a composite material (plastic and ceramic) that we use most often as tooth-colored fillings. It can be used to reshape the teeth on either side of the gap to close the gap.

Pros: Inexpensive--this is a fraction of the cost of other options. Fast--it can be completed in a single visit.

Cons: Because dental bonding just reshapes the teeth on either side of the gap, it just makes them bigger, which can cause another problem: too wide central incisors. Plus, it’s less durable than other options. It will last only a few years at the most, and may be damaged or discolored before that.

Option 2: Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are facades of advanced ceramic that can be bonded to the front of your teeth to extend them into the gap, similar to the method used with bonding.

Pros: Very attractive: has the color and luster of natural teeth. These are very durable, lasting 10 years or more in most cases. While veneers are reshaping your teeth, we can use multiple veneers to reshape your neighboring teeth, too, to better reproportion your smile so your central incisors aren’t too wide. These are also fast, though it takes a couple visits.

Cons: Veneers can be expensive, and they aren’t covered by insurance at all. While they can reproportion your teeth, they are limited in what they can do, so they might still make teeth look too large in some cases.

Option 3: Invisalign

Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to gently move your teeth to their desired position, closing the gap in your smile.

Pros: Uses your natural teeth, so if you like their proportions, you can maintain them. Can move other teeth at the same time, straightening your whole smile. Clear plastic aligners mean no one has to know.

Cons: It takes time. With Invisalign it can take several months to move your teeth into position. You are stuck with your natural teeth, so if you don’t like the way they look, you might not be happy with the results. Plus, Invisalign can also be expensive.

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