Whenever a country elects the wrong leaders into parliament, the people suffer the most. Kenya is no exception. The country has bearded the brunt over the years of elected leaders that lacked vision and transparency.

Yet again, the election drums are beating and political candidates are campaigning tirelessly to ensure their triumph. Three voter types stand out; the one who is keen and well-educated about the power of his or her vote, the one who is awaiting the benefits of electoral corruption, and the one who is either civically educated or not but is focused on purely voting along tribal lines.

However, it is refreshing to note that a new political wave of hope is sweeping through the country. Years of poor governance, venality in public procurement by civil servants and citizens alike, and mismanagement of public coffers seem to have stirred a spirit of change amongst the people.

For now, Kenyans are becoming increasingly proactive in matters of state and yearning to choose leaders who are ready to implement the changes they seek. But the fact still remains, Kenya needs to break off its tribal shell and allow for a democratic process to adhere. Just as Bob Marley said in his renowned song Redemption song, it is time Kenyans came off their mental slavery and followed their voices that have been crying and longing for a change.

A change rooted in the understanding of how powerful a casting vote is. A change that is pleading for well-informed electorates to apply educated choices and not accept the propaganda-filled politician-influenced messages that are spread throughout the campaigning period.
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