Clear and stretchy vaginal discharge—explained!

See what clear, stretchy vaginal discharge could mean for your body
Vaginal discharge is fluid that’s naturally released by cells in your vagina and cervix. It serves as one of your body’s defenses by moving dead skin cells and bacteria out of the vagina while also maintaining a healthy pH balance.

Changes in the consistency and color of your discharge can sometimes offer clues about your body’s processes. Read on for more info on what clear, stretchy discharge could mean for your body.

Discharge has many jobs in the vagina, from keeping out infections, to making sure the pH levels stay balanced, to helping you get pregnant. But did you know its consistency changes too, according to which job it is doing at that time? Don’t ever say our bodies aren’t super clever! One of these consistencies, that can seem a little odd the first time you notice it, is stretchy discharge. It will be clear or slightly cloudy in colour, and look like an egg white in texture and consistency. It shouldn’t give off any odour. And stretchy discharge really does mean stretchy! If you take a piece of it between two fingers and slowly pull them apart, the mucus will stretch out quite some way, and still stay strong. If you have never done this before, it might seem odd, but it will give you an exact idea of what we are talking about. Besides, this stretchy discharge is there for a very good reason.

Clear, stretchy discharge tends to appear just as you are approaching ovulation. This is the time, around the middle of your cycle, when an egg is released by your ovaries, and there is a window of a couple of days when a sperm succeeding in reaching the reproductive organs, may meet the egg and lead to pregnancy. An increase in estrogen levels as you get close to this point, causes your body to release more of this clear stretchy discharge, which is also – unsurprisingly - known as fertile mucus. It helps the sperm in its battle to reach the egg, protecting it on its way and giving it a helping hand at just the right moments.

Having a lot of clear stretchy discharge is a sign that you are ovulating. If you are trying to conceive, this is giving you a clear indicator that now is a good time to try, although if you want to be near 100% sure, you will need to use an ovulation kit.

After your ovulation is over, this stretchy discharge rapidly disappears, to be replaced by a much thicker discharge, so if you are keeping an eye on it, the change will be quite apparent. Then it will be approximately another month, until the reappearance of this stretchy discharge – or fertile mucus.

If your discharge is making you uncomfortable, here's how to deal with them.

Dealing With Watery Discharge

People who have a clear watery discharge can consider wearing pads or panty liners as they manage excessive moisture. Don’t buy scented products as these are more likely to cause irritation.

You can also wear period underwear, as it can absorb moisture.

We also recommend that you avoid douching, as it removes the good bacteria in the vagina and increases the risk of infections. $ads={2}
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