College Girls Guide…to Wearing Short Skirts Without Panties

College Girls Guide…to Wearing Short Skirts Without Panties

Many new girls studying the dress code before coming to the college are a little confused as to how one can wear a short skirt without panties yet remain decent and not expose oneself to fellow classmates and of course the boys.

So, I’ll do my best and try to impart the knowledge and tips that I have been living by.


Standing around is the first thing a girl does when she’s put on a skirt. Remember girls, we are ladies and we must always adopt a lady-like posture.

A lady must keep her legs together at all times. There are exceptions to this but we will come to them later.

Standing is pretty straightforward. Girls can get into much more trouble when bending over. We’ve all been there, you suddenly drop something and your first reaction, without thinking, is to bend forward and pick it up. It is only while you are fully over that you realize the skirt/dress you’re wearing might have ridden up and you’ve shown everyone behind you your pert bottom. If you’re not lucky (and you’ve forgotten to stand with your legs together), you’ll also be showing off your bulging cookie poking out from between your legs.

If you were exposing yourself in this way, it would be a clear invitation for a passing boy to apply the ‘groping’ rule and cup your cookie while you are bent over.    

Sitting Down

Sitting down on a surface is a huge area of potential exposure for girls wearing short clothes. Just remember that the same rule applies when standing up: keep your legs together.  

Sometimes, when sitting on a chair or sofa, we become so comfortable and just want to relax entirely. This can be dangerous as it is inevitable that we will forget about maintaining a ladylike posture.    

Sitting Down on the Floor

There are times when we girls will not be able to help expose our cookies to everyone around. This is mainly the case when sitting on the ground, and this is where the exception that I mentioned at the beginning comes in. It is not possible for us to always sit in one position, with our legs flat against the floor, closed together. Sometimes we inadvertently spread our legs when getting up and sometimes we just need to sit in a different position.    

More random tips... 

When standing on a balcony, be mindful of the people below. Do not become absentminded and allow your legs to open wide.

It is a bad idea to practice your martial arts skills while wearing a skirt like this.

Do not think that a pretty smile will distract a boy from noticing your cookie. 

If you accidentally fall over, try to always land with your legs together and not splayed out like this next girl who slipped on the shiny floor.

Lastly, it is not appropriate to do very sporty things while wearing a short skirt.

And that is the end of this guide on how to wear short skirts and dresses. I hope it helps all you girls out there understand how to not expose yourselves.

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