Elevated Pressed Steel Water Tanks in Kenya

Elevated Pressed Steel Water Tanks in Kenya

Pressed steel plate tanks in Kenya offer heavy-duty long-term water storage solutions. These tanks can be assembled at ground level or they can be elevated on structural steel towers. Pressed steel tanks that are raised above the ground have the “tank stand” as an integral part of the design.

An elevated steel reservoir popularly known as elevated tanks in Kenya stores clean water in a steel tank on a raised stand or tower. The elevation of the tank provides the water pressure to all points in the pressure zone of the distribution system. Tanks may be cylindrical, rectangular or any other convenient shape. For family use, the tank can be made of an old oil drum (duly coated), and a tower of bamboo. For communal needs, elevated steel tanks are often constructed from factory-made galvanized steel elements bolted or welded together. We supply full foundation load information for all elevated water tanks purchased to its design in Kenya. For the Support Towers, we recommend Hot-dip galvanizing for optimum cost-effectiveness.

The price or cost of elevated pressed steel water tanks in Kenya depends on the capacity of the tank and the height of the steel tower. It also depends on the material; if i will its galvanized or painted. Most people would prefer the painted black bituminous tank since its cheaper than the galvanized one.

Advantages of Pressed Tanks

Pressed sectional tank is composed of pressed flanged panels complying with the current Standards and tensile strength is tested according to international standards

Portability & Installation

Easily transportable and easy to install

Strong Durability

Over 25 years service life with reduced maintenance.


High UV resistance. No corrosion.

High Tensile Strength

Panels are tested up to 6 times the nominal load.

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