Not every man out there sees the need for a wallet and not every man owns a wallet; the importance of a wallet cannot be overstated.

The wallet could be said to be as old as civilization; after the introduction of paper money, man needed a way to hold it; by this, the first simple sack wallets were created.

Since the introduction of wallets to date, the wallet has never lost its value and doesn’t look to lose its value anytime soon, which means there is something about wallets.

These five reasons are why every classy man owns a wallet


With a wallet, you feel confident and organized; wallets make you feel sure of yourself as you have this understanding of where everything you carry with you are. With pockets, you might get confused about where certain things are if you have so many things to carry along. A classy man ought to be organized.


The various compartments in a wallet help keep your things intact – your cash, identity cards, credit cards, and every other thing that you might want to carry. The organization and coordination a wallet brings is classy.


Bringing out money or things like your credit card from your pocket is no replacement for the class a wallet gives; with a wallet, your notes are straight and neatly arranged and there is everything classy about that.


Wallets these days are used to make a statement fashion-wise; gone are the days when wallets were only about keeping valuables; the color of a wallet and style is now important as wallets these days can be used to match with the color of your belt, shoes or socks. Major designers now offer seasonal wallet collections of black and brown leather which includes highly fashionable branded wallets.


Having a phone in your pocket is already enough load, putting other things might just make it feel unnecessarily bulky, but a wallet eases that load as it makes you feel more comfortable, and as we all know, a classy man ought to be comfortable and confident.

These five reasons make a wallet special and a must-have for every man. Have you ever seen a classy man without a wallet? I doubt so.

So what should your wallet contain? What are the essentials in any man’s wallet? Should the picture of your favorite Anime character even be in there?

We’ve compiled a list of the items that should be present in any man’s wallet. It’s not the definitive list but it is as simple as simple comes. Note that depending on your disposition and location, the list may sound weird or foreign to you. Nevertheless, here’s our list of the top items that should be present in your wallet.

1. Cash

We’re aware that a significant portion of 21st-century transactions are completed via credit or debit card, but it is prudent to withhold cash as you never know when dire financial straits might arise. We know you’re Elite, but even you one day might go on a lavish spree and max out all your cards.

Being stuck in this scenario with no cash is the last position you want to be in. You might also have to handle a crazy girlfriend who takes steps to cancel all of your cards after you’ve angered her. Regardless of the specific case at hand, you will always have additional security with emergency cash in your possession.

Another reason why cash is important is that it leaves no trails. If you ever need to get a hotel room for yourself and your escort or even buy some gifts for your mistress, you can rest assured that your beloved one will never discover your discrepancies.

2. Credit Card

Even if we mentioned that you should never bring too much cash, this does not mean you have to leave the house without money on you. At least bring your plastic money with you. A credit card is perfect because it is small, lightweight, and pretty handy for paying for stuff that costs more than $100. If you have more than 1 credit cards, carrying two around will be more than enough. For people who are serious with their finances, bringing a debit and credit card around is perfect for you to budget your money on stuff you buy.

3. ID

It is imperative that you carry your state-issued driver’s license or state ID card at all times. It is also advisable to carry any profession-related identification with you on your wallet. Don’t go on carrying around your old college ID or that ID from your membership with the town’s paper puppet lover’s club.

4. Business cards

This is not a requirement but you never know when opportunity knocks so carrying around 3-4 pcs of cards with your name, address, contact number, and line of business/service can be a lifesaver. They are easy to make and can really be of great help especially when you are out and about meeting new people.

5. Contact/Health Information

While a part of this is already covered by your business card or ID, having your health information with you at all times can be a matter of life and death. This is especially true for people who suffer from certain health conditions where a specific medicine or procedure should be given or done to save a person’s life. Your contact information should always be visible in your wallet in case it gets lost and somebody decides to return it to you. Might not happen 100% of the time but if ever it does, it will be a lot easier for the good Samaritan.

6. Condom

While this may seem to be a fairly obvious staple, you’d be surprised at how many men have forgotten to bring a condom out. Most men in committed relationships never carry condoms because of the fear of raising red flags in the minds of their girlfriends. However, it is always important to keep one close by in case of unforeseen sexual encounters.

It’s bad enough to cheat, but she’ll REALLY kill you if you transmit an STD as well. Who knows, your drunken charm might manage to net you a young coed who has no other desire than to pleasure you to the fullest extent of her abilities. You surely wouldn’t want to pass on that… Would you?

7. Something to write with

We know it’s generally preferred to store everything via smartphone, but these devices DO malfunction from on occasion, you know. Envision a scenario in which your phone has just died and you have met the girl of your dreams. If you just depend on her to text you when you give her your number it might just never happen. To prevent this tragic scenario, keep a small wallet pen just in case you need to jot something down.

If your girlfriend goes through your cell phone each day, you might want to just write numbers down before you store them after returning home from a night out. Be under the radar. (Note: This could--and almost certainly will—backfire since you are leaving a paper trail of cheating just waiting to be discovered by your girlfriend. Preferably, curb your desires.)

8. Spare key

This one is a little tricky, as if you lose your wallet with your house keys someone could easily use your ID to find your home and have a mini shopping spree with all of your personal possessions. Nonetheless, it’s usually a good idea to at least keep a spare car key in your wallet in the event that you accidentally lock your keys inside your vehicle.

We’ve all endured this annoying tragedy, and nothing would be worse than attempting to leave with a beautiful girl and noticing that you’re missing your keys. Buzzkill and bang kill for sure! $ads={2}
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