Guide to finding a wedding (MC) emcee in Kenya

Guide to finding a wedding (MC) emcee in Kenya

Let’s get this straight, a wedding master of ceremony is not an entertainer. Kenya has always prided in the misconception that emceeing is for comedians. Yes, throwing humor here and puns there can come in handy, but it is not a requirement. The general work of the MC is to run the show. He or she makes everyone aware of their environment. An emcee is like the host of the wedding who ensures that things are running as they should according to schedule and program.

MC is a job for those blessed with eloquence in speech and who have the ability to bring the diversity of a crowd into one accord for the purpose of the major event, a wedding in this case.  With this said, I will give you some aspects or characteristics to look for in a wedding emcee before you hire them. These are:

  1. Organized

If you are going to entrust your life-changing day to a person, let them be organized. This is basically in terms of speech as well as actions. A hired emcee should know exactly what they are going to say and at what time of the event. They should be able to gather correct information of places, names, details of the sitting arrangement, and timeline. If possible, let them have the details in writing.

What is important is to see that organization in the way that the presentation is done and carried out.

  1. Have the knowledge of what is going on

The emcee should always be ahead of time. They should be on the lookout for any mishaps by knowing what is going on and at what time to ensure that the crowd is also brought on board. A wedding is made up of various groups of people and activities that are to be carried out. The emcee’s job is to ensure that cues are gotten and the flow is maintained and the crowd is guided as well.

The knowledge of what is going on is enhanced by communication between the emcee, guests, visitors, and the general crowd.

  1. Familiarization with the crowd

Not all weddings are the same and not all expectations are applied. A good emcee will find the time to do his homework and know the reception he is likely to receive from the crowd. As a planner, you need to find an emcee who will not look intimidated or shy. They should be able to ease themselves into the crowd and feel like part of them. For instance, there is a difference between hosting a wedding in a garden in Nairobi and hosting it in rural Kenya in church.

Familiarization also guides the use of the language, the dress code, and humor. Bottom-line is, familiarization is key.

  1. Create a connection/rapport

Yes, a hired emcee is exempted from the details of the family and guests, but appealing to the larger as one of them makes the crowd warmer. You know the emcee is a winner if they are able to create a personal connection when introducing a guest to speak. Weddings are about personal connections, warmth, and emotional sentiments. They are about tears, kisses, embraces, and words that move. It is only right to have your emcee be part of the moment, it is even better if he can create it in a way that doesn’t look overdone.

  1. Creative

Like any other event, a wedding can face challenges. This happens most of the time. The emcee should be ready to improvise anything to keep the visitors calm and seated and other duties running. Sometimes there could be a miscommunication between various forms that can affect the fluency of the program. The way that is handled should be natural.

  1. Energetic and vibrant

Everyone loves vibrant parties, and weddings are no less of a party. The emcee should be the source of energy and vibrancy. He or she should employ humor and puns if it’s appropriate and okay and full of creative ideas. This can be shown in songs and games, dances as well as other means to involve everyone in the party.

Emceeing in Kenya has gone through a major evolution with the focus shifting from the well-known big fish like Churchill, Eric Omondi, Shaffie Weru, Nyambane, and even Amina. More people are gaining access to the limelight which makes it easy and affordable to get the ideal emcee who will do justice to your day.

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