How To Register And Qualify For Fuliza Loans

How To Register And Qualify For Fuliza Loans

Fuliza is an overdraft service that was introduced in Kenya in 2019 and is offered by Safaricom PLC. This service allows you to complete mpesa transactions when you have insufficient funds.

Safaricom subscribers can get quick cash on the fly making Fuliza the most relied upon short-term‘ loan service. Since its launch to the Kenyan market, their borrowing capacity shot to the tune of millions in less than a week.

As an alternative to their Mshwari loans, Fuliza offers their services as a solution to insufficient funds on your Mpesa (It caters to purchases through Mpesa only.) 

How much is the exact cost of a loan from Fuliza  &  representative example?

Fuliza charges on their loans vary with the amount and period taken on the overdraft. Here, not only can you borrow a maximum of  Ksh. 70,000 but also repay within 1 – 30 days with an interest ranging from 1%- 20%.

For instance, let’s say you take Ksh.1000 for 30 days=  243.68. You will be charged a service fee of .56 .25 serv.

On the other hand, general Fuliza charges depend on the amount you borrow and are as follows:

  • 0-100————-Ksh. 2 (daily fee.)
  • 101-500……………Ksh.5/day.
  • 500-1000 ——-Ksh. 10/day.
  • 1001-1500——Ksh. 20/day.
  • 1501-2500——Ksh. 25/day.
  • 2501-70000—-Ksh. 30/day.

Where can you download Fuliza?

The Fuliza service is in-built on the Safaricom Mpesa platform therefore new credentials aren’t needed. Just use the USSD code to opt in to use the Fuliza service. *234# is available on any type of phone.

Only Safaricom subscribed users have access to this plus it’s also accessible anywhere anytime. Fuliza supports iPhones and androids as well as the regular ‘kabambe.’

Eligibility and requirements to get a loan from Fuliza.

For Fuliza, your transaction history and spending culture are what is mainly used to verify your credibility. In addition, they will look at your account balance to determine credit viability as well. Hence how you spend your money here matters a lot!

Another critical factor that is considered is how long you have been using Mpesa on the line you intend to borrow with. The longer the period, the better the limits.

Are you getting low limits? Don’t tense as this is reviewed after every 3 months. Just keep transacting! Legitimately!

To be able  to use the Fuliza service, you need to fit the requirements of:

  • Possessing a Safaricom registered line and active Mpesa,
  • Have a valid national ID,
  • And, be above the ages of 18years. 

If you already have an active Mpesa, this information is already with Safaricom.

How can you get a loan from Fuliza?

  • Dial *234# and opt-in. 
  • Follow the prompts. ( you can check charges before you apply.)
  • The request will then be processed within an hour.
  • You will receive a text message with your awarded limit, interest, and payment duration.

Every mpesa registered line is treated differently. However, terms and conditions will apply to each independent line.

To opt-out of Fuliza services, dial *234# follow the prompts and then you will receive a notification within the hour.

Disbursement and Repayments at Fuliza.

Fuliza disbursements once approved, reflect immediately and there is no limit to borrowing as long as it doesn’t exceed the limit awarded. Because there is no pay bill associated with Fuliza, repayment happens whenever your Mpesa account is credited. That is, Fuliza will automatically deduct any funds that have been deposited to your Mpesa to go towards clearing your Fuliza debt. Yes, without warning.

Here’s a tip. If someone is to send you money and you have existing debts, best to use a trusted friends line or get paid in cash.

In regards to reversal, this can be sorted if you accidentally sent money to the wrong number. All you need to do is send the transaction text to  456 and wait. Unfortunately, transaction costs will not be reversed.

Penalties for late repayment with Fuliza will result in being blocked from the service if the debt is not paid within 30 days. Fortunately,  full service will resume when all debt is cleared.

Reconsider defaulting on loans because the dependency on Safaricom lines and services is an addiction of sorts.

As of October 2021, Safaricom updated its terms and conditions on Fuliza. Should you default on your loan, Fuliza will deduct what you owe them from your KCB or NCBA savings accounts without notice.

Furthermore, Safaricom will also hold/Lock any funds you have in Mshwari or KCB Mpesa.

What are the penalties for late repayment of a loan at Fuliza?

Recently, Fulizas’ new default clause has put Kenyans on some Squid Game vibes. Defaulters are now backed into a corner with the recent Fulizaterms and conditions.

Firstly interest is charged daily if you default on your loan. This depends on the amount you had taken. ( See exact cost of a loan & representative example above.)

Secondly, from November 14th,  KCB and NCBA have the right to set off outstanding debts right off of your savings account without notice. Be it mobile or traditional banking.

Offers, Promotions, and Rewards from Fuliza.

We could not find any promotions in particular or rewards on the Fuliza service.

Is my information with Fuliza safe & secure?

Yes. For Fuliza, your transaction history, as well as spending culture, are mostly used to verify your credibility. As a result of you already have a registered line, they have access to your phone records. Therefore, if you are okay with how things have been going, well and good. No need to worry about a breach right?

Contacts for Fuliza.

Here are a few ways to contact Fuliza.

In the case of queries regarding Fuliza services, all can be addressed under Safaricom customer care lines. or dial 100 and follow the prompts.

On the other hand, Tweet or DM @Safaricomwecare through Twitter or  Facebook, or Instagram handles.

You can also visit their website and click the help button on the site. Choose a preferred communication channel or live chat.

Alternatively, click the faqs hyperlink above for direct access to Fuliza queries.

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