How you should begin your legal career in Kenya

How you should begin your legal career in Kenya

Have you been considering a career in Law but don’t know where to begin? Here are the top 6 tips on how you should begin your legal career:

Conduct Self-Assessment – to become aware of your interests

Before kick-starting your journey as a lawyer, perform an honest self-assessment to decide whether the legal career is a good fit for you or not. To do so, compile a list of your strengths and weaknesses and without any bias review your experience to determine if a career in the legal field is for you. And the skills you’ll need to self-assess yourself as a lawyer include strong drafting skills, attention to detail, strict adherence to deadlines, and strong technology skills to name a few important ones.

Find your Niche Area of Law

Once you’ve come to know that a career in Law is a good fit for you, your next step should be to determine a niche area of law as a specialty. While there are different areas of law to specialize in, finding a specialty will make you significantly more valuable to legal employers and a commodity for prospective clients.

Get involved in Pro Bono Activities

At the beginning of your career, you may find it hard to get enough opportunities to give advice, as a novice/unqualified legal practitioners require supervision. A great way that requires less direct support from qualified lawyers is to get involved in pro bono activities. Basically, try to provide free legal assistance to those in need. You’ll surely be amazed to see how much you help yourself by constantly thinking of ways to assist others.
Perform Constant Research in the Field

To excel in your field, it is important that you are constantly researching about it. For that purpose, you’ll be required to read large amounts of information to absorb facts and figures and extract relevant information that is manageable and key to a successful defense in a legal matter. In order to research for legal information, you should begin by going through judgments, reading long news articles, and making a bulleted list of the most important legal points – that may help you prepare for your case in the future.

Expand your Network to Look for Opportunities

Make it a habit to network frequently to gain professional contacts and to gain better knowledge of the profession. Try to establish contact with legal employment agencies, law firms, corporate legal departments, and independent practitioners. Further, attend legal conferences, seminars, and luncheons and talk to legal professionals to learn more about the profession and job openings (if any) in your area of expertise.

Become Adept at Technology

It’s no more a secret that technological advancements have revolutionized the legal industry by expanding the scope of communication between lawyers and clients. And as more and more legal employers are realizing the importance of technology and innovation as a critical driving force for attaining an edge over the competition, becoming a tech-savvy lawyer will give you a significant advantage in today’s legal marketplace.

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