Mwalimu National Sacco: Information You Should Know

Mwalimu National Sacco: Information You Should Know

Why does Mwalimu Sacco get a 4/10? Not only did they use member's savings to pay off debts and a decrease in share capital,  but also gave them a disappointing 9% dividend returns the past year. What’s ironic is they rank no.1 in SASRAs’ list of wealthiest Saccos yet that doesn’t reflect the success of the Sacco.

What Do We Know About Mwalimu Sacco?

Mwalimu Sacco was started as a teacher-based institution to enable them to access affordable financial services. With 34 years in the game, Mwalimu national has experienced highs and currently not so high returns on members share capital. Mwalimu Sacco has over 12 branches and offers both Fosa and Bosa Services.

Eligibility and requirements at Mwalimu Sacco

Registration requirements from Mwalimu Sacco are pretty standard. For easy access, follow the membership link. However, the general rule for class-A membership, is you have to be an educator in public service or a student-sponsored under the ChildHope Foundation. Also applicable on Class-B membership are students undertaking any educational course recognized by the ministry of education. And, members by share capital as well as those who have withdrawn their deposits but haven’t transferred their shares to another member.

How Can You Get A Loan From Mwalimu Sacco App?

Under their BOSA loan products, members can access the Wezesha loans.

Interest rates on their loans are set on a reducing balance and deductions done through the check-off system.

Where Can You Download Mwalimu Sacco App?

The Mwalimu Sacco app can be downloaded on Google Playstore under the name Mwalimu GoMobile. Unfortunately, the app is not available on Apple Stores.

If you are looking for the USSD code for Mwalimu Sacco, dial *633#

Disbursements and Repayments at Mwalimu Sacco.

DIsbursements at Mwalimu Sacco are done through your FOSA account whilst repayment is done through check off.

Dividends And Shares At Mwalimu Sacco.

Unfortunately, the last 3 years has seen Mwalimu Sacco dividends decrease from 12%-9%. For example, someone with a share capital worth 1.5 million only got Ksh.53,000 in dividends.

What Unique Does Mwalimu Sacco Have To Offer?

Mwalimu Sacco recently constructed a 54 rack modern data center facility at its Upperhill headquarters. That facility looks to host Saccos or institutions that desire a data center capacity for their data recovery needs or production.

Promotions And Rewards From Mwalimu Sacco

We could not find any promotions or rewards from Mwalimu Sacco.

How Can I Contact With Mwalimu Sacco?

The easiest way to reach any institution as always is through FacebookTwitter, or their Website.

Looking for Mwalimu Saccos’ office location?. Head over to Mwalimu Towers, Hill Lane off Mara Rd. Upper hill.

To access Mwalimu Sacco customer care services, their numbers are 02029560000/0709898000.

Don’t have airtime/ credit? Make use of Mwalimu Sacco SMS number 20156. is the email to use if you are looking to send documents or application forms.

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