[PDF] Public Service Commission (PSC) wealth declaration form—fill now!

[PDF] Public Service Commission (PSC) wealth declaration form

The countdown for public servants to declare their wealth has started. They have until December 31 to do so. The reminder came from EACC Chair retired Archbishop Eliud Wabukala when he opened a two-day workshop in Mombasa for newly appointed members of County Public Service Boards.

The workshop on management of Declaration of Income Asset and Liabilities (DIALs) was conducted by the Commission’s Directorate of Ethics and Leadership in conjunction with National Integrity Academy (NIAca) the training arm of the Commission. Chairman Wabukala emphasized the importance of financial disclosures by public officials, noting that it’s one of the fundamental strategies applied around the world in an effort to fight corruption and in the promotion of ethics and integrity in public service. Such declarations he said are to be managed and enforced by the various commissions designated or contemplated under Section 3 of the Public Officers Ethics Act (POEA).

“In respect to the management of DIALs,” said the Chairman, some of the key roles of the County Public Service Boards, include; keeping custody of declarations, verifying the content of the declaration, investigating breaches, and taking administrative sanctions on breaches.”

He urged all public officers to declare their wealth “as 2019 is a declaration year where all public officials are required to submit their biennial declarations together with those of their spouse/s and children under the age of 18 years. Only 19 out of the 47 county public service boards complied in 2017, which the Chairman attributed to lack of administrative procedures by some Counties.

Various facilitators teaching during the DIALs workshop

Mombasa County Governor Hassan Joho, who was represented by the county executive member in charge of Devolution and Public Service Administration, admitted that corruption had been singled out as one of the greatest impediments to devolution and, by extension, to the realization of the country’s development agenda. He urged the CPSBs to entrench ethics in county governments, adding that his government was committed to the war on graft and would continue to support the Commission in line with the Council of Governors’ declaration at a recent workshop in Naivasha dubbed “enhancing corruption prevention in County Governments”.

The Public Servants Wealth declaration form, PSC 2b, portal and how to fill the form online

Download For Free the Declaration of Income, Assets, and Liabilities Form [PDF] Here.

Section 26 and 27 of the Public Officer Ethics Act (POEA) requires all public officers to declare their Income, Assets, and Liabilities (IAL). Since 2003 when the law requiring Public Officers to declare their Income, Assets, and Liabilities (IAL) was enacted, the mode of declaration has been manual.

Nowadays, the declaration is done online via portals provided to Public and Civil Servants in Kenya.

The Declaration of Income, Assets, and Liabilities form contains the following fields:

1. Name of the Public Officer; (Surname) (First name) (Other names)

2. Birth Information;
a. Date of birth
b. Place of birth

3. Marital Status

4. Address:
a. Postal address
b. Physical address

5. Employment Information:
a. Designation
b. Name of Employer
c. Nature of employment; (permanent, temporary, contract, etc)
d. T.S.C. No.
e. School/Institution
f. District

6. Name of the spouse of spouses:
(i) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
(ii) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
iii) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
(iv) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
(v) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
(vi) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
(vii) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)

7. Name of dependent children under the ages of 18 years:
(i) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
(ii) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
(iii) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
(iv) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
(v) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
(vi) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
(vii) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
(viii) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)
(ix) (Surname) (First name) (Other names)

8. Financial statement for________;
(A separate statement is required for the officer and each spouse and dependent child under the age of 18 years. Additional sheets should be added as required)

a. Statement date
(Statement date is the first day of the month preceding the month in which the declaration is due.)
b. Income, including emoluments, for the period from
(Including, but not limited to, salary and emoluments and income from investments, the period is from the previous statement date to the current statement date. For an initial declaration, the period is
the year ending on the statement date.)
c. Assets (as of the statement date)
(Including, but not limited to land, buildings, vehicles, investments and financial obligations owed to the person for whom the statement is made).

d. Liabilities (as of the statement date)

9. Other information that may be useful or relevant.

I solemnly declare that the information I have given in this declaration is, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete.
Signature of Officer: ________________________
Date: __________________
Signature: _____________
Name: _________________
Address: ______________

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