Revealed: How much do online writers make in Kenya

Revealed: How much do online writers make in Kenya

So you want to become an online writer? Well, trust us: If you hone your skills and become really good, this may turn out to be your best decision ever.

And I’m dead serious.


You can earn huge sums of money in a month- in fact; believe it or not, some veteran online writers take home more than senior bank managers in Kenya!

You might be wondering: Kwani exactly how much do online writers make in Kenya?

Well, keep reading for answers and some tips to help you get started…

How much do online writers make in Kenya?

In general, online writers make between shs.20000 (writers who work part-time) to over kshs.100000 (mostly those who write full-time) in Kenya, on average.

Before we proceed, you need to know that there are two categories of paid online writing jobs for Kenya writers- academic writing jobs and article writing.

The pay for academic writing jobs in Kenya is roughly between kshs.200 to shs.400 per page working for account owners while the pay for online article writers in Kenya starts at Kshs.500 for 1000 words (lowest) and can rise to roughly Kshs.2000 for 1000 words.

Note that these rates are when you’re writing for intermediaries- people who own either academic or article writing accounts in Kenya (with international writing companies) or website owners (for article writing).

In other words, you’re likely to make more money if you are working for clients directly-we fondly can such employers DCs (Direct Client) or when you own an account yourself.

So: precisely how much do online writers make in Kenya if they run accounts with online writing jobs sites?

In a word, much more than the figures we have quoted above.

Indeed, many highly experienced online writers in Kenya make well over kshs.100000 every month consistently writing articles or from academic writing accounts such as Uvocorp writing account.

The good news is that most beginners successfully transition to account owners after gaining enough experience and so can you- and double or trip your money.

Now, forget online writing accounts for a moment…..There is another option that pays probably the best money- blogging.

Since I don’t want to leave you hanging, I will explain what blogging is and how much you can make as a blogger in Kenya next.

What is blogging?

Blogging simply refers to writing content that you self-publish online in your website.

Here you create your own website (this is not difficult as people often think) and load it with articles about a topic/niche that you have selected.

You keep uploading articles until you start attracting an adequate number of visitors, say 100 people per day.

You then monetize the website through showing Ads from Google, promoting products from big companies like Amazon (for a commission), or selling your own digital products (eBooks, courses, etc.)

To be clear, there are other ways of making money from blogging including selling advertising space to companies.

As mentioned, this is one of the best-paying online writing jobs in Kenya (see the actual figures below).

How much does online writing pay when you blog?

Friend, you can earn the same amount the Kenya president earns (Google how much he is paid). And I’m not kidding!

Even if you don’t reach those dizzying heights, skilled bloggers earn several hundred thousand shillings monthly especially when their websites are in a lucrative niche such as finance or real estate.

How to learn online writing

You can teach yourself by Googling and watching YouTube Videos and tutorials covering various examples of online writing.

An easier way of learning when you want to save time is joining an online writing course.

How to be a good online writer

There is only one secret: write every day. Even if it means assigning yourself a new topic and writing about it, do it.

You can have your mentor read it and make comments.

That said, many Kenyans start by taking a course about online writing jobs from home either online or by attending face-to-face training.

Benefits of online writing in Kenya (freelance writing)

In addition to the excellent income, there are other benefits of freelance jobs in Kenya:

  • Freedom- you work when you want. There’s no fixed 8.00am-5.00pm schedule like office jobs. Here you work the time that is most convenient for you (early morning, at night, daytime, etc.).
  • Passive income- if you move to blogging, your site will be paying you even when you’re asleep. How sweet can that be? Imagine finding that Jumia or Amazon has credited Kshs.50000 to your account every end month even when you have not touched the website for a whole month? And they’ll still pay you next month. And the month after…And after.
  • You learn a lot– at some point, you’ll be like a walking Google! Since you’re writing on different topics every day, you become super knowledgeable over time.

Disadvantages of online writing

On the downside:

  • Loneliness– you can become a loner and lose your social network particularly if you work from home.
  • Risk of burnout– some writers work without taking breaks and end up suffering terrible exhaustion. As a result, you may be unable to write for days (which means lost income).
  • Sometimes you may not earn– unless you have your own website bringing in money every day, you don’t earn anything on the days you don’t write. In addition, not many academic writing jobs are available when schools and colleges are closed in the US and Europe (a majority of the academic writers rely on these markets).

How much do online writers make in Kenya – frequently asked questions  (FAQs)

Which companies offer online writing jobs in Kenya?

There is tons of academic writing companies and article writing sites in Kenya that hire….

From falcon writers,, kuhustle writing jobs, Upwork, PayPerHour, to Fiverr, there is no shortage of places to look for writing jobs.

What are the requirements for online writing?

The only key requirement is that you must have at least a fair grasp of English grammar (spoken and written).

It’s a plus if you enjoy reading and you’re a good researcher.

In terms of equipment, a laptop (or desktop computer) is necessary and of course, you need to have access to a reliable internet service.

Final thoughts

These are, of course, just estimates though they’re not far off since I’m myself an online writer.

Most importantly, they have given you an idea about how much you can make as an online writer in Kenya.

I must, however, say that online writing is not a get-quick-rich scheme.

It takes proper skills, enough effort, and maximum dedication to make money from online writing freelance jobs in Kenya.

To put it simply, you may not succeed if you join the industry thinking only about the money- first, you must work on your skills and try your best to be great at it.

Plus, it is important to remain patient as growth is gradual.

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